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Notum Early Adopter Web3 Campaign

Be the first to join our Early Adopter NFT program and win rewards by completing a simple quest on the most popular Web3 platforms!

Join Us in Web3 Space

Simple Steps to Participate

No time to waste! Follow these 4 steps to get a unique NFT of an early adopter — your key to more rewards, bonuses, and benefits!

Join Discord & Guild

Join our community on Discord and Guild.

Complete quests

Complete quests to get special roles in our Discord.

Get Role in Discord

Get an early adopter role as proof of completion.

Receive a utility NFT

Get a customized NFT — your key to our rewards and bonuses program!

What Should You Do to Win?

1. Join our Discord and Guild
2. Complete quests on web3 platforms
3. Get exclusive roles on Discord

Simple, right? But if you have any questions, check out our detailed guide!

Rewards You Will Get

Find out more about the rewards you can win with the Notum Platform. Сomplete quests to become a member of a community, get cool NFTs, and have a chance to earn up to 1000 USDT!

Lower exchange fees

Zero commission on swaps except for providers’ and blockchain fees.

Eligible for community benefits

Receive a unique NFT to mark your community membership.

Access to our community

Get access to a private club of early adopters and DeFi experts.

Get a stake of prize

Earn up to 1000 USDT by completing the quest!

The Quest’s Roadmap

June 26

June 28

July 3

August 8

Late August

Prize Distribution


  1. How to Claim an Early Adopter Role?

    You will get the NotumEarly role automatically through the Guild after acquiring all 6 activity roles:
    Investor — if you invested in any position on Notum from 10 USDT or equivalent
    Learner — if you claimed any NFT on Mirror
    ZealyHunter — if you earned enough XP and get 5th lvl on Zealy
    Link3_listener — if you listened to any of our public events like AMAs on Link3
    GalxeEarly — If you participated in our Galxe campaign
    Guild Member — for those who verify their wallet

    @EarlyNotum role will allow you to claim Notum Early Adopter NFT and participate in $5000 raffle In case of any issues, create a ticket in #ticket-support channel on Discord.

  2. What Is the Contest’s Timeline?

    The Notum Early Adopter Web3 Campaign will end on August. At the end of the campaign, we will distribute USDT rewards and Early Adopter NFTs.

  3. How Do I Complete Quests and Get Roles?

    • After completing each quest, you will receive a new Discord role. Collect all roles to finish the Quest and gain an Early Adopter NFT.
    • You can find all the required roles in #server-roles channel on Discord.
    • To the the highest @EarlyNotum role, you must collect all 6 activity roles

  4. How Do I Join Discord and Guild?

    On Discord, you can meet other community members and claim roles. Join Notum Discord to take part in the Quest. is a Web3 platform where you confirm each quest after completing it. Connect your wallet, Discord, and Twitter to get started. Join

  5. How to Complete Quests and Get Roles?

    To get your Early Adopter role, complete the Web3 Quest by following these easy-to-follow steps:

    1. Join our Discord and Guild;
    2. Complete web3 quests and get necessary roles on Discord;
    3. Claim your Early Adopter role;
    4. Well done! Wait for the rewards distribution!

  6. What Can I Do With My NFT?

    Our customized NFTs are a symbol of being a part of our community of followers and a utility token on our platform. NFT owners have reduced exchange fees within Notum platform. We offer the best cross-exchange swaps and with this NFT, the fees will be even lower.

  7. What Are the Future Benefits?

    After the full platform release, we will offer rewards to 'early bird' users who were among the first to try out the platform. By receiving an Early Adopters NFT, you will be eligible for future benefits and rewards.

  8. What Is Early Adopters’ Private Club?

    After receiving an Early adopter role, you will be added to a closed community of other early adopters where you could talk to the product team and our team of analytics.

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