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API3 Staking

Notum wallet empowers you to buy API3 (API3) with a credit or debit card securely and within a minute! Start your best API3 investment right here, right now.

Buy and manage crypto without delays
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API3 Rewards Calculator

bnbBinance Coin
sandThe Sandbox
usdcUSD Coin

Current value


10 API3

Monthly Earning


0 API3

Early Earning


0 API3

How to stake API3? Step-by-Step Guidelines


Choose your crypto

Choose from a great variety of cryptocurrencies those you’d like to buy.


Enter the amount

Enter the amount of API3 or fiat currency that you wish to stake.


Select Validator

Deals from various validators may vary. You can decide on whatever you believe to be most profitable.


Confirm deposit

Confirm the amount you want to stake sign the transaction to deposit your investments.


Easily receive profit

Once needed easily withdraw crypto your crypto profits and position.

Explore API3 (API3) in Notum

Click to find out more about API3 API3. This information will help you make better investment decisions and thus boost your income.