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10 BNB

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0.0667 BNB

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0.8 BNB

How to stake Binance Coin? Step-by-Step Guidelines


Choose your crypto

Choose from a great variety of cryptocurrencies those you’d like to buy.


Enter the amount

Enter the amount of BNB or fiat currency that you wish to stake.


Select Validator

Deals from various validators may vary. You can decide on whatever you believe to be most profitable.


Confirm deposit

Confirm the amount you want to stake sign the transaction to deposit your investments.


Easily receive profit

Once needed easily withdraw crypto your crypto profits and position.

About Binance

At the moment, there are several crypto exchange platforms that provide users with the opportunity to exchange, buy or trade their assets. Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017, which is currently one of the most popular in the world. At the moment, Binance offers not only trading, but also many options for obtaining passive income with different degrees of risk. You can explore all possible earning options in the Earn” tab.

Binance serves over 10 million users worldwide with a daily trading volume of around $1 billion, allowing users to trade with a lot of liquidity. In addition, this platform has a multi-level protection system, so it is one of the safest in the world. Binance provides its users with access to more than 150 different cryptocurrencies, which helps not only diversify the portfolio, but also increase profits. And finally, the exchange has its own cryptocurrency called BNB.

What Is BNB?

BNB is the native cryptocurrency of the Binance exchange, which was created as an asset sold in the Binance ICO (initial coin offering). BNB has a strong place in the Binance ecosystem and is one of the most popular utility tokens in the world.

Now BNB has a large number of uses. For example, you can use this cryptocurrency to settle transactions and fees on Binance Smart Chain, pay for goods and services, participate in token exclusive sales, and more. Binance also invites users to read the how to use BNB section.

Strategy for Choosing Between Provided Options

Before you choose a platform for BNB staking, take these factors into account:

  1. Security and reputation. The chosen platform should successfully work and have a history of secure operations. Don’t forget to read user reviews for getting the full picture.
  2. Annual Percentage Yield (APY). As in case with APR in banks, it’s important to compare APY on different platform. Also pay attention to risks and potential rewards.
  3. Simplicity and customer support. While some platforms may be too difficult to use, others are intuitive. Be sure the platform chosen has a good customer support you may contact in case of any issues.
  4. Staking lock-up period. Be sure the lock-up period meets your expectation, because some platforms require up to a year.

How to Stake BNB? 

  1. DYOR: Dive into the staking details below to ensure you fully comprehend the process, benefits, and potential risks associated with staking.
  2. Choose Your Stake Type: Decide whether youd like to engage in traditional staking or liquid staking. The latter offers more flexibility, allowing you to trade your staked assets.
  3. Explore Staking Options: Notum provides staking options for various cryptocurrencies. Browse through to find the one that aligns with your chosen currency and staking type.
  4. Buy a Staked Asset: Once youve made your choice, proceed to obtaining the staked asset on Notum. Our platform ensures a smooth and secure transaction process.
  5. Monitor Your Staking: After staking, its essential to keep an eye on your investment. Use Notums intuitive dashboard to monitor your staking progress and returns.

Explore Binance Coin (BNB) in Notum

Click to find out more about Binance Coin BNB. This information will help you make better investment decisions and thus boost your income.

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  1. How to Stake BNB?

    You can stake BNB directly on the Binance platform. To do this, you need to open the Finance dashboard, choose BNB, then click on the “More” button, and then go to “Stake”. When you open the page, you will need to enter the amount of BNB you wanna stake, and then click on the “Send” button to confirm the transaction and start staking.

  2. How Long Is My Staked BNB Locked Up For?

    The length of time staked BNB is locked depends on the exchange and platform. While some exchanges require a lockup period, others do not. On average, the blocking time for BNB on platforms can take from 7 to 365 days. Regarding the Binance exchange itself, there is no lockup period on the platform. However, the exchange draws the attention of users to the fact that “due to the rules that govern the blockchain network, customers are unable to access or withdraw their staked assets until the unstaking period is complete”. - Binance.

  3. How Do I Choose BNB Validators?

    BNB Smart Chain uses a system of 50 validators with PoSA consensus, which features low fees and short block times. Thus, the most bonded candidates become validators, and their set is determined by its staking and delegation logic. You can select a validator based on its rank. “The more its delegation tokens, the higher ranking is.” - Binance. Also pay attention to such factors as on-chain reliability, security measures and their provider setup.

  4. How Are BNB Staking Rewards Generated?

    Each transaction in the network has a transaction fee, which is distributed among the delegates proportionally to their stake. Thus, BNB staking rewards are generated thanks to transaction fees. Also note that the annual reward is divided among all participants, which means the more staked tokens, the less BNB you can earn.

  5. What Are the Risks of Staking BNB?

    BNB staking, like any other strategy, comes with certain risks, and there is always a chance of losing your assets. Moreover, cryptocurrencies are volatile assets, so it is important to understand and soundly assess the risks before you start staking.

  6. What Are the Tokenomics of BNB?

    BNB was launched in July 2017 as an Ethereum token, which was later moved to Binance Smart Chain. In 2021, the coin showed a significant increase in prices and became an attractive asset for investors. BEP-95 improved BNB tokenomics and made it even more deflationary. Coin burning is necessary to maintain the value of the asset, and in the case of BNB will continue until 50% of the total is destroyed. As of May 2023 BNB value is $315.09 and market capitalization is $49,107,823,908.