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About Notum Platform: What Is at the Core?

By Notum

Jun 23, 20232 min read


Notum’s Mission & Vision

Years of research and working in decentralized finance proved to us that many of our clients wanted the same thing: to know how to effectively invest their funds in crypto and how to start interacting with all those DeFi platforms and apply difficult strategies successfully. Thus we’ve started building Notum to fulfill this need. 

Our aim is crystal clear and simple – to make all interactions with the DeFi sector and cryptocurrency as straightforward as possible and to offer people simple yet powerful ways of investing. 

What Pain Points Are We Covering Up?

That’s a matter of fact, that investors face unbearable complexity when looking for effective investing strategies in the DeFi market. Especially taking into account that the definition of the risk level for each investment could be quite bewildering. There is also another point here, it’s the diversity of investment decisions that makes the problem of investing even more complicated. It seems that the key pain point here is a lack of clarity and necessary tools for making more precise investment decisions. So, we got an insight into those problems and came up with a solution.

That is why our platform is aimed to maximize the usage of cryptocurrency, offering different strategies that are adapted to your personal risk profile. This includes the following opportunities: 

Hence, the platform solves all investors’ problems — searching for the most effective strategies and defining the risks of their cryptocurrency investment. Notum empowers you with essential tools for making a better choice to make you closer to your financial success and independence.

Our Key Features 

They say, forewarned is forearmed. That’s a perfect motto to describe the Notum platform and a successful investor who’s using it. Why?

The main point here is that the Notum platform offers some crucial tools for monitoring and optimizing your cryptocurrency investments. We’re providing professional ready-to-use reports, research, and strategies depending on your personal risk tolerance. Everything is gathered and packed in one space for your service. 

By doing so, our users receive more opportunities for cryptocurrency investments than others. Our platform provides and accumulates the opportunity to enter into DeFi strategies giving our users a chance to substantially multiply their income and make the most out of their investments in a puzzling cryptocurrency landscape.