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What Is Ambire AdEx? | ADX Review | Notum

By Notum

Aug 04, 20224 min read


With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, there are more and more new startups whose goal is to simplify and democratize the lives of different groups of users. Most of them are developed on the Ethereum blockchain, and one of these startups is the Ambire AdEx advertising exchange.

What Is Ambire AdEx?

Ambire AdEx is a decentralized advertising exchange based on Ethereum. The goal of the project is to simplify and reduce the cost of advertising thanks to blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and reliability of the process.

Ambire AdEx goals: 

  • replacing the traditional digital advertising model: The new model allows advertisers to find publishers directly and vice versa. The technology of the platform provides absolute transparency;
  • reducing ad costs and fighting ad fraud, including excluding intermediaries from the chain: AdEx provides real-time fraud-proof tracking and reporting for publishers and advertisers, which significantly reduces the risk of fake data reports and low-quality traffic;
  • providing the ability to maintain end users’ privacy: AdEx doesn’t store sensitive data.

Ambire AdEx: Main Features 

AdEx provides favorable conditions for advertisers and publishers who want to launch a powerful ad campaign. With the help of the platform, advertisers and publishers can get rid of intermediaries, thereby reducing costs, increasing revenue, and eliminating ad fraud.

  • Advertisers and publishers do not pay the service fees of the platform; in other words, AdEx services are free. In addition, advertisers can use the DAI stablecoin to pay for the publishers’ services.
  • The platform is non-custodial and does not lock user funds. Thus, users can withdraw their funds anytime without minimum withdrawal requirements. In addition, advertisers who are not familiar with cryptocurrency can easily use the platform, as AdEx provides the opportunity to use bank transfers and card payments to top up the balance.
  • Another advantage of AdEx is convenient geo-targeting, which allows you to target end users by location, age, gender, and many other indicators. Thanks to geo-targeting, advertisers can increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and reduce low-quality traffic. AdEx also provides an opportunity to create and save an audience and collaborate only with the preferred publishers.
  • The service allows you to use the most popular banner sizes approved by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. 
  • Advertisers can easily optimize their ad campaigns thanks to the real-time reporting system: track ROI, monitor suspicious traffic, and so on.
  • AdEx provides the long-awaited freedom that traditional advertising platforms restrict. Users can advertise whatever they want as Ambire AdEx is censorship-resistant.
  • The platform does not collect or store user data, preserving their privacy and security. Instead, all end-user data is stored in users’ browser local storage.
  • On the AdEx platform, each user has a personal account with extensive options for setting up desirable advertising. This allows advertisers to configure marketing campaigns more accurately, showing ads only to interested users.
  • On the AdEx project, in addition to accurate targeting, it is possible to block the display of ads. To do so, the end-user must pay a small fee, which is sent to the publishers.

How Does Ambire AdEx Work?

  1. To work with AdEx, advertisers need to pass a quick registration and deposit funds to their wallets, this can be done using DAI or fiat funds. 
  2. The advertiser creates an order to place the ad with the specified parameters, for example, the number of clicks, impressions, or registrations. 
  3. Creating an order automatically opens a personal OUTPACE payment channel (Ocean-based unidirectional trustless payment channel). This payment channel provides the following advantages: reducing the number of online transactions, thereby reducing fees, and providing the possibility of micropayments.
  4. Advertisers delegate two validators: representing the interests of advertisers and representing the interests of publishers.
  5. Validators confirm the order.
  6. Publishers query their validators for active demand and receive an order to work.
  7. The AdView software developed by AdEx generates impressions, clicks, closed pages, and other events and sends them to validators.
  8. For each valid impression event, the publisher receives income that one can withdraw at any time.
  9. When the advertiser decides to close the campaign, the remaining funds on the deposit are sent back to the advertiser’s wallet, taking into account the small fee for the publisher validator.


ADX Token

The $ADX token is a utility token of the Ambire AdEx ecosystem. The maximum token supply is limited to 150 million, of which 95% is in circulation. The primary purpose of the token is to maintain and secure the network. Users can stake ADX tokens to earn passive income. The staking profitability depends on the selected pool, the staking period, and the number of tokens deposited. You can calculate the exact profitability on the official website. AdEx provides two pools to choose from (both provide automatic compounding):

  • Loyalty Pool
    This pool is tokenized. After depositing ADX tokens, the staker receives ADX-LOYALTY tokens that can be used in the entire Ethereum DeFi system. The profitability of the pool depends on the current ADX price (from 5% to 40% APY). The pool does not have an unbond period; that is, you can withdraw funds at any time. After reaching a deposit of 30 million ADX, the pool no longer accepts deposits.
  • Validator Pool Tom
    This pool is not tokenized and does not have a total deposit limit. The current annual yield is approximately 36.12% APY. The pool imposes an unbond period. Stakers who want to withdraw their funds must wait 20 days before they arrive in their wallets.



Ambire AdEx has a powerful potential, which was noted at the very beginning of the journey. For example, the crowdfunding campaign of 2017 was highly successful: during it, the developers collected more than 40,000 ETH (12 mln USD at that time) in just eight hours. Today, more than 6 thousand corporate clients use the AdEx ecosystem and benefit from cost reduction, increased privacy, convenience, and security.