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Best Crypto Apps in 2023 | Notum

By Notum

Nov 11, 20225 min read



In today’s article, we will give examples of the best crypto apps for 2023, which are used by thousands and millions of users worldwide. These apps are analogs of the main web platforms or can be independent services presented only in applications. Anyway, crypto applications are highly convenient since they allow you to manage crypto assets without being tied to a computer or browser. In addition, such options show a higher security level than the web versions.

Best Crypto Apps in 2023

  1. CoinMarketCap
    Before you start working with an asset, you need to study the information about it. And aggregators of information about the entire market will help to understand which crypto, besides the well-known Bitcoin and Ethereum, exists worldwide. The best and most detailed of them is the CoinMarketCap app, where prices of about 10,000 different coins and tokens are presented.

    You can compare them, study price charts for specific periods, set up alerts, and create a virtual cryptocurrency portfolio. The latter can be either just a test or a reflection of your real digital assets portfolio — information about their value will always be literally at hand, but at the same time, safe because the real coins lie in a completely different place.

  2. DeBank
    DeBank is a dashboard that helps to track your DeFi portfolio, full of data and analytics for stablecoins, margin trading platforms, decentralized lending protocols, and DEXes.

    Unlike most wallets in blockchain, this one was created to guide users to track and manage their DeFi assets. DeBank allows you to track multiple addresses in a bundle! It analyzes top portfolios of other people‘s addresses to position their portfolio as good of an advantage as possible. Another strong feature is the voting opportunity. DeBank empowers the community to vote and submit proposals that the community loves the most. The last feature we would like to talk about is a democratic approach. The app has a social activity feed of the accounts you follow. Something  Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, or Reddit have, but in the crypto world.

  3. TradingView
    The TradingView app is a top-rated tool for monitoring the value of financial tools. It allows you to track the prices and market capitalization of stocks traded on major exchanges and the rates of crypto and fiat currencies. In the arsenal of the application, there is a comprehensive set of tools and indicators for technical analysis that will help you customize the display of the chart to your taste — change the theme, choose the type of chart, and add or remove certain elements.

    You can start tracking successful traders and learning from their strategies as soon as you register. In addition, each user can improve the terminal with the help of individual trading scripts — you can write them yourself or find them on the Internet.

  4. Binance
    To trade crypto, you need to get it somewhere. It is easier and, most importantly, faster to buy for real money. The most reliable and official, so to speak, option is to use a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. There is a list of them on the CoinMarketCap website, and the top has created its own applications. The centralized Binance exchange is considered the benchmark, and its mobile application is one of the best for buying cryptocurrencies.

    Binance supports a variety of cryptocurrency assets, allows you to work with fiat, and allows you to earn passive income with the help of various investment programs, decentralized finance tools, and much more. The huge gap in trading volume, even from the nearest competitor from the second line of the overall rating of exchanges, only confirms this.

  5. is another reputable exchange website that offers reliable apps for smartphones based on iOS and Android. does not support as many currencies as there are on Binance, but improved functions are offered for those altcoins on its list. In the application, you can purchase cryptocurrencies using debit or credit cards. is resistant to hackers, has a user-friendly interface, and is pleasant to use. Trading cryptocurrencies on the go in this app is quite simple, straightforward, and convenient.

  6. BTCnews
    There are many publications on cryptocurrencies and blockchain on the web. The information flow is non-stop, and crypto enthusiasts need to keep abreast. Any event can catalyze changes, even if it is unverified or fake information. With the development of the information flow and the emergence of mass media projects, it is necessary to systematize this ecosystem. The solutions came in the form of content aggregator services.

    One of the most popular and multifunctional is the BTCnews app. BTCnews provides many sources and formats, including videos, podcasts, Twitter and Reddit newsfeeds, etc. In addition, cryptocurrency exchange rates are presented: in addition to weighted average rates with CoinMarketCap, you can always get information from a specific exchange. And finally, the app allows crypto newbies to study crypto-related topics.

  7. mobile app allows owners of BTC and ETH to trade the most popular assets, including stocks, commodities, and indices. It specializes in tokenized assets, providing access to more than 2,000 tokens. The application is configured for a high-speed application processing system. Technical analysis tools are available, namely advanced charts and reliable technical indicators. The type of graphs can be changed independently. The application includes a set of risk management tools. There is protection against negative balance and a guaranteed stop loss.

  8. BitBuds Mingle
    The BitBuds Mingle app unites representatives of the cryptocurrency community. BitBuds Mingle is a kind of social network for the crypto community. The developers' goal is to unite crypto enthusiasts worldwide and create a discussion platform for them. So here you can engage in self-education, ask questions, help others understand cryptocurrencies, discuss problems and make new friends. In the application, you can upload photos and videos, create chats, conduct personal correspondence, and share files.

  9. Payeer
    Payeer is a multifunctional payment system that allows you to make payments in 150 currencies, including euros and dollars. 150+ international and local payment methods are available to top up the wallet. The system's widespread use allows you to use Payeer to pay for goods and services in online stores worldwide. The service provides ample opportunities not only for buyers but also for sellers. The owners of online stores also use this app in their work, integrating the ability to accept payments and invoicing through Payeer.

    In addition to fiat, Payeer users can work with cryptocurrencies. Payeer supports leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and others. Therefore, users can seamlessly pay for their favorite goods without converting crypto manually to fiat. 

  10. SimpleHold
    SimpleHold is a user-friendly light crypto wallet with two versions: a browser extension and a mobile application. The wallet is designed for the secure storage of cryptocurrencies, as well as their seamless sending, receiving, and swapping. SimpleHold supports more than 200 cryptocurrencies, which allows users to manage their crypto portfolio on the go easily.

    A huge advantage of SimpleHold is that it is non-custodial. Thus, users have full control over their savings and are not required to provide private data. Another advantage of this wallet is the support of NFTs. Thanks to this, users can easily add their favorite NFTs and not worry about their safety.


The listed apps for smartphones and computers allow you to work with cryptocurrency. We tried to give the best examples of applications for various purposes. Each app is characterized by high usability and has a clear interface and settings. Thanks to them, you can trade cryptocurrency, send assets to another account, store tokens, set up passive income, stay up to date with the latest news and chat with like-minded people.

Disclaimer: Notum does not provide any investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice. This article is written for informational purposes only. Cryptocurrency is subject to market risk. Please do your own research and trade with caution.