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Best Learn-to-Earn Crypto Platforms | Top P2E Apps | Notum

By Notum

Jun 03, 20229 min read



Even though interest in cryptocurrency is growing, and many platforms and applications make it easy and accessible for everyone, some people still find it difficult and risky. However, for now, the crypto space opens tempting earning opportunities for a massive number of users. Here you can perform such mundane activities as walks, games, and learning. Moreover, there are even programs that help you earn free crypto through learning.

Learn-to-earn crypto platforms have become a pretty popular way to promote various protocols, so more and more projects are offering crypto rewards for their learners. This option gives beginners the opportunity to get an idea about cryptocurrency, learn about new topics, and build a portfolio without any investment. This article will tell you all about cryptocurrency learning and earning risk-free platforms that pay you for self-education.

What Is Learn-to-Earn?

The Learn-to-Earn (or L2E) program is a unique type of interaction with the cryptocurrency world, which gives users the opportunity not only to acquire new knowledge but also to profit from it. You’ve probably already heard about Play-to-Earn projects where users are rewarded for their in-game achievements. In addition, there are also Move-to-Earn apps where movement acts as a condition for earning. In the case of Learn-to-Earn, users can get a pleasant reward for raising their awareness of various crypto projects and blockchain-related topics. This article will also give an exceptional example with which users can learn the English language and receive crypto rewards.

Why Do Learn 2 Earn Crypto Projects Exist?

Many beginners face distrust when they hear that you can earn free crypto while learning and do not understand why someone is ready to pay for their knowledge. The truth is that learn and gain crypto apps are used to “promote various exchanges and different cryptocurrencies. They offer small incentives to encourage you to use their platform when you eventually do start trading crypto.” - Koinly. Another reason for the learn and earn apps’ existence is that assets with many holders can also increase the value of cryptocurrencies.

The Learn-to-Earn crypto model has become popular among reputable centralized exchanges, such as Binance and Coinbase. In addition, the leading token tracker project CoinMarketCap also offers a platform for earning while learning. These platforms cooperate with crypto projects that want to advertise themselves and inform more users about their projects. The essence of L2E is that the eligible user selects an available crypto project, watches educational videos/articles, consolidates knowledge via quizzes, and receives project tokens (subject to successful completion of the course). Also, many learn & earn crypto projects allow their users to convert rewards into major cryptocurrencies.

Each L2E platform has the right to set its own conditions for those wishing to join the program. Therefore, studying the “Terms of Use” is recommended before starting.

How to Earn Crypto While Learning?

Learn-to-earn projects are quite easy to use. All you have to do is watch videos or read articles and then take simple quizzes. In case you answer all the questions correctly, you receive a certain amount of one or another cryptocurrency as a reward. Thus, even though many projects and exchanges are promoted through learn-to-earn, you, as a user, have absolutely nothing to lose. On the contrary, you have a chance to gain new knowledge and get paid for it.

Of course, both the earn and learn crypto tasks themselves and the amount of reward will vary depending on the various exchanges, platforms, and applications, but often the income is around $5, and sometimes $10 for completing tasks that take about half an hour.

Now there are two different types of learn-to-earn crypto projects:
  • L2E by Centralized Exchanges. Now, many exchanges, such as CoinbaseKuCoin, and Binance, offer their users to earn crypto while learning. The essence is quite simple - you complete tasks and receive rewards directly in exchange.
  • L2E by projects. In addition to exchanges, there are many websites, such as the famous CoinMarketCap, that allow you to earn crypto while learning about crypto. “You have to provide the addresses of your wallets to websites of projects or partners, and after you finish the tasks successfully, they transfer the rewards to those addresses.” - Medium.

Best Learn and Earn Crypto Platforms in 2023

• Binance Earn

That’s almost impossible that one has not heard of the Binance crypto exchange when it comes to crypto trading. Today, Binance is not just a trading platform but a whole ecosystem of products, including Charity, Launchpad, Labs, as well as Binance Academy. The Learn-to-Earn project was launched within the Binance Academy. However, note that the “Binance learn and earn program is only available to new Binance users who sign up and verify their account within 3 days.” - Koinly.

Usually, Learn-to-Earn campaigns last about a month. Thus, users can subscribe to the official Binance Twitter account or follow the “Announcements” section on the official website. To earn crypto while learning on Binance is easy - the verified user views the training materials, passes the quiz, and gets the opportunity to receive a reward. However, pay attention to additional requirements and check all the necessary information to participate.

• CoinMarketCap Earn and Learn

To date, CoinMarketCap is the most popular service for tracking the price data of digital assets. The platform is a leader in its industry, so every project that wants to get publicity strives to be listed on CoinMarketCap. In addition to such popular products as cryptocurrency price charts, crypto assets, exchange ratings, ICO calendar, and so on, CoinMarketCap has also launched a Learn-to-Earn campaign.

The platform cooperates with both well-known and emerging projects, which opens vast opportunities for users. The principle of learning and earning crypto on Coinmarketcap is that the user chooses a crypto training campaign, watches video materials, performs tasks to test the knowledge gained, and receives tokens of the selected project. “Thanks to CoinMarketCap’s range of partnerships with developing projects, many of the rewards distributed empower users to earn the native currency of the platforms they’re learning about.” - Makeuseof.

Currently, many CoinMarketCap earn campaigns, such as “TRON,” “How To Web3 on BNB Chain”, “DeFiChain,” “BNB Boost,” “Solar,” and others, are active. You can also subscribe to receive newsletters about upcoming campaigns. To participate in campaigns, you need to have a CoinMarketCap account and a verified account on the Binance crypto exchange. To date, CoinMarketCap can be called one of the best crypto-earning platforms.

• Coinbase Earn to Learn

Coinbase is the second crypto exchange after Binance. In fact, this is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, where millions of Americans buy and sell cryptocurrency. Coinbase Earn was launched in 2018 and is successfully operating to date. To become a member of the Learn to earn crypto campaign, you need to be a resident of the eligible country, register and verify your account and select the crypto project you are interested in.

Crypto campaigns are only available for a limited amount of time and have a limit on the maximum number of participants. However, the principle is the same as in the projects listed earlier: an eligible user selects an active campaign, views training materials, successfully passes a quiz, and receives tokens of the studied project. The amount of remuneration depends on a particular campaign. You can earn from $1 to $15 for successfully completing the course.

• Learn To Earn English

Also, as mentioned, you can use L2E platforms even to learn English! If you don’t have enough desire to learn a language and want to earn crypto rewards, look at an app like Let Me Speak.

Let Me Speak is an English language learning app that rewards students with cryptocurrency. The Learn to Earn English app has gained wide popularity among those who could not motivate themselves to learn English. The LMS is available for download in the App Store and on Google Play and allows users all over the world to learn English and earn money. For completed tasks, users receive LSTAR in-game tokens. In the app, tokens can be exchanged for USDC stablecoin and withdrawn to any wallet. To earn money in LMS, you need to complete daily grammar, spelling, and speaking tasks.

Access to functions is opened only after registration and purchase of the NFT character. The characters are divided into four rarity levels, and each of them has unique attributes — parameters that affect the user’s earnings. The rarer the character is, the more pumped its parameters are, and the higher the daily income.

Final Thoughts

If you are about to dive into the world of cryptocurrencies and try yourself as an investor but are afraid to invest your own money, learning to earn crypto platforms is your lucky ticket. Even beginners who know very little about crypto can earn their first tokens without investing a cent.

As practice shows, it is beneficial for crypto projects to use the Learn-to-Earn model since both sides remain the winner. As a result, the crypto platform gets more awareness about itself, its value, and its goals, and in the end, more investors and participants. Users who have undergone such training understand the specifics of this crypto project and can receive crypto rewards, which also have every chance to grow in price. Even though L2E platforms will not make you rich, they will help you acquire knowledge for free, make a profit and start investing in crypto assets without risking your money.


Disclaimer: Notum does not provide any investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice. This article is written for informational purposes only. Cryptocurrency is subject to market risk. Please do your own research and trade with caution.