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Ways to Earn Crypto for Free in 2022 | Notum

By Notum

May 22, 20225 min read


Play Games
Many exciting games give you a chance to make some crypto while playing. All the games are somehow similar to virtual worlds based on the blockchain. They cover literary everything from real estate and virtual land in the form of NFTs to SciFi, various cartoon monsters, and even horse racing. There are such giants as Lucky Block, The Sandbox, Silks, Splinterlands, Decentaland, Sorare, Axie Infinity, and even less sophisticated ones such as Coin Hunt World and Crypto PopCoin. There are many top lists on the Net to guide you through all these games and tell more about ways to earn there. Don’t hesitate and check them out. That’s a good way to combine entertainment and money-making. 

Do Sports
Yes, such things also exist, and they are quite popular among crypto enthusiasts. The point here is to move and earn some crypto. That can’t be true you’ve never heard of a victorious STEPN project that literary ran into crypto and change it. Some people consider it a financial pyramid, but it really depends on how to look at things. While you’re being skeptical, there are real people who are running right now and getting their crypto. There are other apps such as Sweatcoin, Step App, Calo Run, DEFIT, and any others to your services. Jog, walk, exercise, and enjoy your active lifestyle while coins directly fly to your crypto wallet. 

That’s the process of locking up your assets to help in validating new blocks on a definite blockchain network. This goes to the method used on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains like Cardano. For help in the validation process, participants who stake their coins earn free crypto as a reward. 

Staking provides much higher returns than the traditional bank system. For instance, BlockFi offers crypto staking opportunities. The platform has 30+ different coins and offers yields of up to 11% per year. BlockFi also has no hidden fees or minimum balance, so it’s perfect for beginners.  


Find Airdrops/Bounties
Airdrops distribute crypto for free to people who are interested in a particular project. This process usually happens when trying to make some hype around an upcoming token launch, such as giving out free tokens to people. This creates a positive atmosphere around the project and excitement on social media.

Actually, many of the best DeFi coins began by creating a community of enthusiasts and people who share the same values, and then airdropped a number of tokens to the community just before the project was launched officially. One of the most obvious benefits is that you can make some profit when the token appears on exchanges and its price increases. 

To find the latest airdrops, you can use such verified sources as CoinMarketCap,, Airdrop Alert, and Airdrop.King

Did you know that you can even get crypto by learning? That’s possible thanks to an educational program Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, Phemex, and CoinMarketCap have. The process is super simple — watch a video, do a quiz, and get your crypto. It’s a win-win thing, you learn and earn, and nobody loses. Sounds like a perfect thing to give a try. 


Use a DeFi Lending

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an ecosystem of financial applications built using blockchain technology. It has a decentralized nature, so these applications aren’t connected to any centralized authority to operate transactions.

It offers a DeFi lending option and it’s currently one of the most popular ones. DeFi lending occurs when you give your cryptocurrency to a particular protocol, which will then lend it out to other parties. Of course, it’s not for free and you get crypto for being a ‘donor’, an interest that is often much higher than the traditional banking system. 

Most lending agreements are collateralized. This means that borrowers have to supply collateral in the form of cryptocurrency – with this collateral being valued higher than the loan itself. The entire process goes through smart contracts, so there is no way to cheat the system and no need to provide a credit check.

Mining is the process used on Proof-of-Work (PoW) networks and is crucial to allow investors to buy Bitcoin and other similar coins.

Mining asks for quite powerful computing systems, which means that miners are incentivized to help through the distribution of mining rewards. These rewards are accrued in the native currency – for example, mining on the Bitcoin network will be rewarded with BTC.


Write a Blog
Are you fancy of writing a blog? Maybe you’re so into crypto and writing that it’s high time to take up a blog that will earn you crypto. There is a highly accessible venue — PublishOx, where you can post your stories, and if people them, they tip you with elastic supply cryptos such as Ampleforth ($AMPL) and Statera (STA). 

Get a Crypto Faucets App
With crypto faucets, you can gain small sums of crypto regularly for completing quick and simple tasks. To do these tasks, you don’t need to be skilled, but rather be ready for a kind of monotonous routine; however, the idea has proved and really works, so it brings a notable income.

Examples of crypto faucets tasks: 

  • viewing digital ads
  • watching videos
  • completing CAPTCHAs
  • participating in quizzes

The amount of crypto you will earn depends on the provider and the specific task, although don’t wait for crazy numbers.

Here are some good examples of such apps: Bitcoinker, FreeBitcoin, Cointiply, Faucet Crypto, and alike. 


Use Cash Back Cards
As an example, has partnered with Visa. When you buy things under the program, you earn the coin, $MCO. 

The program has 1%-5% cashback on all purchases, which is way more than most debit cards. Even $100 cashback is possible on your Netflix and Spotify subscriptions. 
There are also Binance Visa, BitPay, BlockFi Visa, and a few other cards to check out.

Set Up a Crypto Browser
It can be Brave, Opera, CryptoTab, Tor, or any other you like. The browser has an implemented crypto wallet and if we take a Brave case, you earn crypto for watching so-called Brave Private Ads. It’s not about irritating pop-ups and on-page stuff, but rather about small push notifications and things like that. When we are talking about CryptoTab, we mean earning while using a mining option. You mine as long as your browser is open. 

NB! Be sure you don’t face a scam. To be sure that you’re fully armed, check if you made all these steps:

  1. Visit only official websites; 
  2. Set up a 2-Step Verification;
  3. All your antivirus software should be updated;
  4. Don’t use public Wi-Fi connection;
  5. Be aware of Pump and Dump Schemes (click to read more on the topic).


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