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Blockchain for Tourism | What Is Ariva (ARV)? | Notum

By Notum

Jul 13, 20224 min read



Who doesn’t love traveling? Visit new places, explore other cultures and immerse in different mentalities. All this brings new knowledge, incomparable joy, and a sense of satisfaction. But unfortunately, the tourist experience is often overshadowed at the very beginning of the journey. Before going to the destination country, we must go through all the circles of hell. Study hundreds of different resources to choose a flight, find the most favorable exchange rate for currency exchange, and overpay expensive fees for international transfers. The innovative crypto project, Ariva Digital, intends to say goodbye to these problems.

What Is Ariva Digital?

Ariva Digital is an ecosystem of products built on blockchain technology and focused on facilitating tourism and travel-related issues. The project is a winning solution for all parties. Travelers can use Ariva services to easily find first-class booking, accommodation, and travel services based on the experience of real people. Users can earn ARV tokens for their recommendations and reviews.

In addition, tourists using Ariva do not need to overpay jaw-dropping fees for international payments, understand the structure of local currencies, and lose money when converting currencies. Providers of services and products access a giant ecosystem and a new profitable cash flow. Thus, users get the following benefits when using Ariva:

  • Privacy and security. Since there is no need to provide bank account details to make a reservation, you retain control over your sensitivity and eliminate fraud risks;
  • Convenience. Tourists and travelers do not need to exchange currency, carry various credit or debit cards, etc;
  • Reduction of fees. International bank payments oblige you to disclose your identity and are incredibly costly and time-consuming. On the other hand, Ariva allows reducing expenses significantly. 

All products released within the framework of the project revolve around the internal ARV token. The ARV token is used for settlements within Ariva World, as a reward to users for booking and sharing their travel experience, and as a means of payment for merchants using Ariva Finance. The ARV token is launched on the Binance Smart Chain, allowing fast, secure, and low-cost payments. ARV has a maximum supply of 100 billion tokens, of which 72.55 billion are in circulation. To counteract inflation, the developers have implemented a buy-back and burn mechanism.

Ariva World

Ariva World is a game-changer in the tourism industry. This is an international Travel&Tourism platform that allows users from different parts of the world to book flights, hotels, and transfers by paying with cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, Ariva World supports three main payment options ARV, BNB, and USDT. The platform has an intuitive interface and 24/7 customer support, and favorable offers. Users can also join the Rewards Program to get the best rates and free points.

For convenience, the developers have released a mobile version of the application, available for Android and iOS users. With the help of the mobile app, users can book trips and other travel-related services and products, download boarding passes, and receive notifications.

Ariva Finance

Arriva Finance is a platform for service providers and products with which they can configure the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a payment option. This is a logical addition to the entire ecosystem of the project, stimulating the mass adoption of the crypto payment method.

Travelers benefit since more and more merchants accept crypto payments. Merchants receive an additional revenue stream, protection from chargeback fraud, and instant payment. When writing, merchants can accept ARIVA, BUSD, USDT, USDC, BNB, BTC, and ETH as a payment option. Various integration tools are available for merchants: plugins for major CMS solutions, invoices, billing and subscriptions, and customized solutions. Service fees vary depending on the selected plan, from 0.8% to 1.2%.

Ariva Metaverse

At the dawn of the development of the metaverses concept, the developers of Ariva did not miss the opportunity to please their users with a previously unseen, unlimited travel experience. Ariva Wonderland is a metaverse that allows travelers to visit new destinations, explore different cultures, socialize, and even earn money without leaving their homes.

This is a great place for those who are tired of a series of routine events and want to plunge into an exciting journey but do not have the opportunity to do it in real life. In addition, business owners can use Ariva Wonderland to advertise their products and services by placing ads directly on billboards. 

Ariva Club 

Ariva Club is a social media platform aimed at tourists and travelers. With the help of this platform, users can share their opinions regarding the places they have visited, hotels, restaurants, and so on, as well as give advice and recommendations. The most exciting thing is that users who share their experiences can earn rewards in cryptocurrency.

Ariva’s Future

Ariva Digital is a revolutionary crypto product that can radically change the travel and tourism industry. Every year the popularity of cryptocurrencies is snowballing, and more and more users enter the crypto space and realize all the advantages of crypto as a payment option. However, buying and booking travel-related services and products using cryptocurrency is not too common. Ariva developers want to change the game. They provide a win-to-win project for all members of the industry. Travelers can easily use their favorite cryptocurrencies to pay for various services based on the experience of other tourists.

The Ariva ecosystem allows you to earn tokens, exchange opinions, and immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality. Service providers can start accepting crypto payments in a matter of clicks, eliminate many problems inherent in traditional payment methods, and advertise their business within the metaverse and social media platforms. What is the future of Ariva? It remains only to observe.

The developers have provided an extensive roadmap reflecting plans for the development and improvement of the project. Nevertheless, Ariva has a strong rival in the form of the Travala project, which has been in this niche a little longer and has already managed to enlist the support of many users and partners.