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DMOON Token Review: How to Get Passive Income with DMOON Token? | Notum

By Notum

Apr 21, 20235 min read


What Is DMOON Token?

DMOON is a native token of the Dollarmoon project. The Dollarmoon network will have several parts: Dollarmoon Swap (“the third zero kill” phase), Dmoon fashion brand (the “hit $1” stage), Dollarmoon DEX social media platform (the “hit $10” stage), Dollarmoon Exchange, Dollarmoon wallets, etc. Manty more projects are yet to come.

DMOON is a deflationary token, built on the Binance Smart Chain. As it is explained in the whitepaper, the name of the project consists of two parts. The first one concerns the US dollar as it is the most stable fiat currency in the world and represents “wealth and power”. This kind of characteristic will probably apply to DMOON itself. The second part, the moon, represents the final goal for any coin or token in the crypto world. 

The main aim of the team is to set the token to the moon, and for this they have a special plan. A full roadmap is published on the official website of the project.

It seems that there are not a lot of projects that have such a clear vision of their future. And while the goals of others seem very abstract, this one attracts attention by simplicity and clarity. 

The stages are named according to the price the token is supposed to have. For example, the “hit $1” stage means that the price of DMOON is expected to cross the limit of $1. At the moment the project is at the “second zero kill” phase. Apart from token development this step should bring a website with instructions on how to purchase DMOON in most of the languages and also a production of some merch. 

Interestingly, even though the roadmap of Dollarmoon looks like any other, it does not have any timeframes. 

The team explains this peculiarity by the Value Leading System. They believe that the widely used approach of unlocking the next step of the plan according to a strict schedule is inefficient. It is better to make sure that everything is prepared for the next stage, regardless of time the preparation might take, and only after this it is possible to make the step forward. Also they believe in creating value for the token by improving the system as it requires. It is probably the first token that is lead by the value only. 

One of the key ideas of the Dollarmoon is that everyone comes to crypto to make money. However, to make it happen, it is crucial that the coin or token has a certain level of stable support. Otherwise, it is impossible to maintain the network so that everyone could get profit.

The Dollarmmon is determined to solve this problem by a way of organizing the network. It should work according to the following rule: the more people trade the token, the more projects are launched. So far there are several ideas in plans. They are about to appear on different stages. However, the team promises to make DMOON token useful in a lot of cases, this means that we will see much more interesting ideas. 

DMOON Tokenomics 

DMOON has an unusual tokenomics. It has a limited supply, which equals 200 m. Tokens’ distribution is happening according to the following scheme:

The network also has various fees. Different types of transactions require different types of fees. For example, a buying transaction will include 3% of burnt tokes, 2% liquidity tokens, 5% will go to the treasury, and 2% will be converted to BNB to pay rewards to holders. However, for selling transactions there will be 3% more. All together it makes 15% tax on selling. 

Burning is one of the significant parts of DMOON tokenomics, because it helps to protect the token price from inflation. First of all, about 3% is burnt from each transaction. This is called Automatic burn. It happens without any outside interventions. In addition, burning events are supposed to happen at the beginning of every stage. They will help to take tokens out of the active supply and increase the price. This is called Manual burn. The percentage of tokens that must be burnt manually has not been established yet. More detailed information will be published later after a certain research. 

Manual burn appeared as opposed to burn that other projects have right after the first launch. Typically if coins or tokens are burnt right after the start, the price skyrockets and then falls tremendously. This creates an unpleasant investing climate and may repel potential customers. While the system the DMOON demonstrates allows the price to increase gradually and steadily, which may give more time for a project to build a strong position on the market. As the chart on shows, this approach seems to be working well.

How to Earn Passive Income With DMOON?

Dollarmoon has an attractive system that may be a nice source of passive income. This is a huge part of the whole getting to the moon plan. Because the number of active users is the most crucial part of the network. Passive income opportunity is a great way to engage more people in the project and receive more long-term investments. 

 Let’s take a look at how it works in more details.

The most interesting part is that token holders do not have to stake their token in order to receive a reward. It is a great opportunity to still be receiving a reward and not losing tokens that can be used at the same time. All it takes is to have 10k DMOON tokens in a wallet to get a tangible profit. However, this is not a restriction. Profit is generated for all sizes of funds, but the less amount of tokens a user possesses, the smaller the income is. As a result it can be eaten up by transactional fees. 

It is highly important to keep in mind that the total amount of possible profit is unpredictable. It depends on several factors, including the trading volume and the amount of tokens in the user's possession. Moreover, the popularity of the token may have an influence on this dynamic. Increasing popularity will lead to more transactions, and thus will increase the rewards. 

The benefits for holders are provided in the form of BNB. From each transaction 2-3% are taken to DMOON holders in proportion to their balance.

Final Words

Lately the crypto market is fountaining with ideas about what to offer customers in order to increase engagement and maintain the life of a new project. Nowadays, almost anything can be found in the crypto world. However, the idea of making some extra money is still the most appealing one.

Even though it is impossible to foresee the exact profit coming from the Dollarmoon project, it still is an interesting and fresh way of making a passive income. At the moment as it can be seen from the history of the DMOON token price, it is growing according to the plan set by the team at the start. Usually, such projects with a stable growth attract active investors, which in this case will benefit every participant. 

Another amazing opportunity presented by the Dollarmoon is to become an early investor. This project was launched in the beginning of 2023 and it is the exact time to join it and enjoy the possible growth from inside.

Disclaimer: Notum does not provide any investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice. This article is written for informational purposes only. Cryptocurrency is subject to market risk. Please do your own research and trade with caution.