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Notum Weekly Product Update

By Notum

Jul 19, 20232 min read



Get ready, DeFi enthusiasts! Notum is back with a thrilling platform update that will level up your interactions with crypto world. Our latest release is literary packed with game-changing features designed to take your DeFi experience to new levels. Hurry up to find them all out right now!

Key Highlights

  • Swapping Is Better: No limitations anymore! With Notum's enhanced swapping feature, you now have a wider range of tokens to choose from. You can seamlessly swap within a single chain too. Flexibility and convenience are at your fingertips!


  • Smooth UX/UI: We've given our Send and Swap pages a sagnificant boost. Get ready for a new user interface that will make your DeFi journey much quicker. Meet an intuitive design and sleek navigation!


  • Wider Project Range: Brace yourself for some serious project discovery! Our Explore section now offers an incredible lineup of segments and assets from the best projects in the crypto space. Stay ahead of the curve and dive into new investment opportunities.

Upcoming Perks

Monitor Your Assets Across Platforms: We're breaking barriers! Soon, you'll be able to keep tabs on all your assets across different platforms. No more juggling multiple accounts. Stay informed and make smarter investment decisions.

Discover Promising Yields: Get ready to make the most out of your crypto! Our upcoming Yields page unlocks the doors to a world of high-yield opportunities in DeFi. Say goodbye to FOMO and hello to exciting investment options!


The Notum Team