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How to Find a Job in Crypto? | Notum

By Notum

Aug 22, 20225 min read



Usually, cryptocurrencies are thought about from the position of traders and investors. But you can make money on them in another way — by getting a job. Now there are optimal conditions for this since the sphere is growing rapidly and lacks professionals. Find out which specialists are in-demand and where to look for vacancies in our article.

What Specialists Are in Demand?

Among the professions related to the blockchain industry and cryptocurrencies, there are several main groups:

  • project launch and development managers;
  • lawyers;
  • blockchain developers, designers, and testers;
  • copywriters and translators;
  • SMM and PR managers;
  • analytics.

Some of them are more popular, and others are less. This is due to the peculiarities of the crypto industry: a young industry with a high level of competition between projects and a lot of risks. The latter includes both distrust on the part of ordinary people and not fully established legislative regulation.

Types of Crypto Companies

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Now there are a huge number of both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges on the market. Behind each exchange, there are companies with various vacancies. To get a job at the desired exchange, it is enough just to go to its official website and visit the “Careers” section. Naturally, you should not choose the first exchange you come across. To get into a really worthwhile company, you can simply open the CoinMarketCap rating and study the exchanges included at the top. For example, the centralized Binance exchange provides many open vacancies in various areas: business development, marketing, HR, finance and administration, and so on.

Crypto Media

While exploring the crypto industry, you probably came across such crypto media as Cointelegraph or CoinDesk. These sites are in constant need of talented copywriters and editors and will be happy to hire people who know how to create engaging content. For example, if you are a content maker, you can navigate to the “Careers” section on the official Cointelegraph website. You need to fill out a simple form and specify your Name, Email, and Country, as well as tell about your work experience and provide your portfolio.

Crypto Projects

There are already more than 20,000 crypto projects on the market, and this figure is only increasing. Behind some projects, there are quite real companies, for example, Ethereum Foundation or Ripple. Others are community-driven projects that are governed by the DAO. One of the highest-paid roles in such projects is a blockchain developer with the main programming languages in this sector, including C++, C#, Solidity, GO, JavaScript, and Python. However, crypto companies also need content authors, research analysts, social media managers, product managers, marketers, community managers, editors, etc.


These companies are directly connected with the gaming industry. Therefore, people with experience in gaming companies are needed there: game designers, game marketing specialists, and so on. Examples: Atari and Sky Mavis are the creators of the most popular NFT game Axie Infinity.

Blockchain Analysis

These are services that monitor illegal transactions in the blockchain and publish publicly available market reports. They need both analysts and those who will create these reports: designers and product managers. Examples of such companies: are Crystal Blockchain and Chainalysis.

Online Recruiting Resources


CryptoJobs is one of the most popular sites where you can find jobs related to blockchain and crypto. The site hosts thousands of job vacancies from blockchain companies worldwide. In addition, it publishes job offers in customer support, content creation, copywriting, design, and marketing, most of which are for freelancers and remote work. On this site, you can respond to several vacancies at once.


Blockew is a job search platform where employers post their job offers and freelancers post their resumes. Many employers use this resume database to search for candidates for positions and vacancies that are not advertised on the Internet. On this resource, you can view a list of vacancies related to cryptocurrencies and send applications directly to employers. Not all positions involve remote work; however, you have every chance to find many suitable online vacancies.

On Blockew, you can find vacancies published by Kraken, Brave, Coinbase, Robinhood, Chainlink, etc.


CryptoJobsList is a meeting place for job seekers and recruiters. There are popular vacancies related to blockchain, engineers, Solidity developers, and DLT experts. Depending on your location, CryptoJobsList filters the list so you can work remotely. In addition, the platform cooperates with leading blockchain companies, for example, Ethereum, Huobi, and Circle.


This recruitment agency focuses on recruiting only for the cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere. CryptoRecruit classifies offers into various categories, such as software developers, IT infrastructure, social networks, support services, and many others.


The BlockAce job search bulletin board allows you to search for vacancies by keyword. You can further narrow the search by clicking the “Remote Only” button. Job offers come from such prominent companies as Ripple, IBM, and Kraken.

How to Increase the Employment 

If you look at the vacancies offered on the market, you can identify several factors that significantly increase the chances of finding a job in the crypto industry, regardless of the chosen specialty:

  • knowledge of English at the advanced or upper-intermediate level and proficiency in other foreign languages;
  • experience with cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as an alternative — in IT or the financial sector;
  • active participation in life crypto communities — for example, on;
  • readiness for remote work.


As you can see, starting your career in crypto and blockchain is not so difficult. There are thousands of vacancies on the market, and companies need talented individuals. Of course, most of the vacancies are related to blockchain development. However, the field also needs lawyers, marketers, content makers, and many others. The main thing is to choose reliable companies, study reviews about them, and find out who else works in the company and from which areas and organizations they came. Materials from specialized media, as well as LinkedIn and other social networks, can help in this.