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Notum Weekly Product Update

By Notum

Aug 25, 20232 min read


Hi Notum Community,

We’re happy to introduce some new features that are designed to boost your experience on the Notum platform. These improvements went along with your needs in mind. We made transactions smoother, access more convenient, and the platform operates quicker. Here are the results:

  1. Enhanced Transaction History: Your transactions now offer a deeper level of insight. With more detailed information and a wider range of operation types supported such as pools, minting, and withdrawing. You can now analyze your performance with deeper precision. We believe decisions backed by data lead to better outcomes.
  2. ENS Domain Support: We’re making access even easier. You can now place your wallets using your ENS domains instead of full rather bewildering wallet addresses. Plus, discover the domains linked to your main wallet. This helps you to manage your assets with a more intuitive approach.
  3. Ledger Live Integration: Your security is our priority. That’s why we’ve added support for Ledger Live Connect. You can now access the Notum platform directly through your Ledger wallet, eliminating the need for third-party wallets. 
  4. Refinements and Bug Fixes: We’re continually polishing the platform. Thus, we’ve made several minor improvements to the platform’s general functionality. We’ve also removed some bugs to ensure a seamless experience.

At Notum, we’re dedicated to evolving with your needs. These updates reflect our commitment to continuous improvement and delivering features that matter to you. Thank you for being part of our journey, and we look forward to getting your feedback from using the Notum app.


The Notum Team