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P2E: Battle Infinity Review | What Is IBAT? | Notum

By Notum

Aug 07, 20226 min read


TDLR: Play-to-earn is a wholly separate genre, the audience of which is seriously growing day by day. Users get a real opportunity to earn for their in-game achievements, as well as immerse themselves in the fascinating game world. While users are fighting with each other, there is also a constant struggle in the developers’ battle arena. So the new project Battle Infinity loudly declared itself and, in a short time, has already managed to gather more than 27,000 Twitter followers. The presale of the native IBAT token has been successfully completed, and the project team is actively working on launching the project. So let’s take a deep dive into the Battle Infinity ecosystem and explore its features and prospects for success. 

Battle Infinity Ecosystem 

Battle Infinity is a game project utilizing the Binance Smart Chain. The project aims to revolutionize the gaming field by empowering players with complete freedom, decentralization, transparency, and security. The Battle Infinity ecosystem includes several play-to-earn (P2E) battle games integrated into the Battle Arena metaverse. Within the metaverse, players can not only battle and earn but also socialize, travel, and explore an exciting virtual world. The Battle Infinity ecosystem consists of six different products:

IBAT Premier League 

IBAT Premier League is the first of its kind NFT-based fantasy sports game integrated into the metaverse. To access the game, users must buy an NFT pass, after which they receive a budget for building their own teams. It can be football, cricket, hockey, or other teams. The user’s task is to wisely manage the budget and buy virtual players (represented by real-world sports players). In addition, users must follow a specific principle of team formation. For example, a football team must have at least one goalkeeper and a forward, as well as at least three defenses and mids. 

After building a team, users can compete with other teams worldwide. That team wins, where the virtual players turn out to be stronger and more skillful. The winners are determined based on the points earned by their team members in real-world sports. The whitepaper of the project details how many points a player gets or loses during different activities. 

Each win brings the user a reward, as well as additional benefits. For example, well-performing users can put their NFT passes up for sale on the internal Battle Market and receive an income for each purchase and sale of the pass. In addition to the rewards earned for winning matches, users can receive rewards for completing daily tasks, league rewards (for those who have the highest total score in each match), rank rewards (for the top ten users from the leaderboard), as well as NFT pass rewards (for those who received the best rank in the match or league).

Battle Swap

Battle Swap is a decentralized exchange that is also integrated into other ecosystem products, such as Battle Market, Battle Games (game store), and Battle Arena (metaverse). The Battle Swap allows users to buy IBAT tokens for further access to all products, as well as convert the funds earned in games into other cryptocurrencies.

Battle Market

Battle Market is an internal marketplace that allows users to mint, buy, and sell NFTs. The marketplace is divided into two areas:

  • An area for NFTs creators. Here, users can tokenize and trade their artworks, music, and in-game items such as weapons or characters. Also, creators can advertise their NFTs in the Battle Arena metaverse.
  • An area for players. Here users can buy avatars and all related upgrades (clothes, hair, and so on); users can also purchase land and trade all in-game assets.

Battle Games

Battle Games is a game store where users can access various P2E games. To access the game, the user needs to deposit IBAT tokens in the Battle Stake staking pool. The deposited amount is divided into several parts:

  • 10% is charged as a transaction fee;
  • 5% is directed to further foundation development;
  • 5% goes to the global staking pool;
  • 80% is distributed as a reward among the winners of each specific game.

Battle Infinity also allows game developers to launch their game projects on the Battle Games store and receive bonus earnings from the Global Stake Pool.

Battle Arena

Battle Arena is a metaverse where users can play games to earn IBAT tokens and NFTs, explore the virtual world, attend and arrange various events, as well as communicate with other players without any geographical restrictions. Each player in the metaverse has their own unique avatar, which can be upgraded by purchasing various in-game items on the Battle Market (weapons, hats, glasses, hair, and so on). Users can also buy land or banners to advertise their NFTs or projects.

Battle Stake

Battle Stake is a staking platform where users can deposit their IBAT tokens to support the project and receive passive income. Battle Stake has three types of staking pools:

  • Solo Staking. This is a pool that allows users to deposit their IBAT tokens based on a monthly, 6-month, or 12-month lock-up period. The profitability of solo staking directly depends on the number of tokens deposited and the duration of the lock-up period.
  • Duo Staking. This type of staking assumes that the user deposits not only IBAT tokens but also other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins (for example, BNB, DOGE, USDT, BUSD, and others). Thus, the user receives income not only from the native token of the project but also from other digital assets.
  • Crates Staking. This type of staking assumes that the user buys an NFT crate on the internal marketplace of the project and opens it with a suitable NFT key. The opening of the crate rewards the user with IBAT tokens, as well as various prizes, vouchers, and additional benefits. Users can get a key by buying it on the Battle Market or win by playing Battle Games. Depending on the type of crate, players must wait a set time period to get the key and fully unlock the crate. There are three types of crates:
  1. Free Crates: The most common crates have a short unlocking period. Users can get a free crate by completing daily tasks and winning games.
  2. Silver Crates: This type of crate can either be bought on the Battle Market or obtained by the ranking top on the weekly leaderboard.
  3. Golden Crates: Such crates can also be bought on the Battle Market or won by the ranking top on the monthly leaderboard.

IBAT Token

IBAT is a utility token of the project based on the BEP20 standard. IBAT token has a limited supply of 10 billion tokens. In addition, the developers of Battle Infinity have endowed the token with four features:

  • Layer 1 Protection, which imposes an additional security layer and protects token holders’ addresses from intruders.
  • Autotax is a small tax on each transaction, which is directed to auto-staking, auto-liquidity, IBAT Foundation funding, and the project’s further development.
  • Anti-bot is a feature that protects the price of IBAT tokens from manipulation.
  • Anti-dump is a function that helps IBAT to maintain the floor price and protect the holders’ capital. 

Since Battle Infinity is still in development, it is impossible to freely buy IBAT tokens. However, the developers plan to list IBAT on PancakeSwap soon. The token could be purchased during the presale period (28% of the total token supply was allocated for presale), which at the time of writing had already ended, having reached and even overcome the established hard cap of 16,500 BNB. Users could buy 166,666.66 IBAT for 1 BNB, approximately $0.18 per 1 IBAT. 

IBAT token has the following use cases within the Battle Infinity ecosystem:

  • Access to Battle Games. Users need to deposit IBAT tokens into the staking pool to get a pass to play games.
  • Rewards. Users receive IBAT tokens for playing games and receive passive income from staking. In addition, 50% of all transaction fees are sent to the Global Staking Pool. This pool is used to reward and stimulate the community. Users are rewarded for high activity, points, completing tasks, and other activities.
  • Payment. Users use IBAT tokens to purchase various in-game items on the Battle Market as well as to purchase billboards for advertising in the Battle Arena.
  • Platform Foundation. 10% of the total token supply, as well as 5% of each amount deposited to the staking pool, is directed to the further development of the ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

Battle Infinity is a young project that intends to revolutionize the gaming space. Only time will show how successful the developers’ idea will be. However, it should be noted that there are quite a lot of similar projects with an already established audience, so the developers of Battle Infinity need to do their utmost to attract attention to the project. Fortunately, the presale turned out to be quite successful, and the project team collected the amount set in the hard cap for further development and marketing of the project. In addition, the project team has been audited by SOLIDProof and will soon provide Certik verification. There is also a fairly extensive roadmap divided into seven phases, three of which are almost completed. The project team's plans include testing and launching the listed ecosystem products, celebrity and influencer marketing, listing on crypto exchanges, and the conclusion of partnerships.