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PlayDapp Ecosystem Review | Notum

By Notum

Jul 19, 20226 min read


The video game industry, already growing rapidly, is on the eve of another qualitative breakthrough in development. The growth potential lies in developing a young but aggressively conquering all new spheres of virtual life technology — blockchain. For the development of video gaming, it is valuable both in the gaming and financial aspects since it can solve several long-overdue problems in the industry. The PlayDapp project aims to become a bridge between traditional gaming applications and decentralized ones and help developers and gamers get all the benefits of digital assets.


What Is PlayDapp?

PlayDapp is a blockchain platform that is aimed at game developers and gamers. The platform provides a solution through which existing gaming applications can quickly transfer to the blockchain space. Game developers who have difficulties implementing blockchain technology can utilize the PlayDapp SDK, a tool that allows users to “connect” blockchain mechanisms to traditional games. At the same time, any in-game items can be transferred to the blockchain as non-fungible tokens. Moving games and in-game items to the blockchain environment allows developers to achieve interoperability between different game projects and gives an incentive to expand services. At the same time, game users who have not previously been involved in blockchain games can enjoy the benefits of digital assets. By transferring in-game items to NFTs, players gain full ownership of the item. At the same time, thanks to the interoperability, in-game items can be used in other games, metaverses, and even offline services, which increases the value of NFTs.

PlayDapp provides two main components that work together and ensure the integrity of the ecosystem:

  • PlayDapp SDK
  • C2C Marketplace


PlayDapp SDK 

The PlayDapp SDK is a tool for developers to quickly transform existing gaming applications into decentralized applications and in-game items into NFTs. The PlayDapp SDK provides flexible operational tools, NFT indicators, a dashboard for data analysis, and C2C marketplace integration. It is noteworthy that as soon as the items are transformed into NFTs, they receive the interoperability property and can be used in other Dapps within the PlayDapp ecosystem. This increases the value of NFTs and ensures the influx of users via cross-promotion.


C2C Marketplace

PlayDapp provides users with a C2C Marketplace where they can buy or sell their NFTs. Currently, the marketplace is available for Ethereum and Polygon networks, but it is planned to add support for Solana, Link, and others in the future. Many top collections are available to users on the marketplace, including the League of Kingdoms, Playdapp Dragon, Along with the Gods, and others. NFTs are sold at a fixed price or via auction. In addition, users can bid using the “Make an offer” function. To sell NFTs, it is enough for the user to connect the wallet, select the desired NFT, and put it up for sale at a fixed price or for auction. The service does not charge any fees for listing NFTs for sale. However, buyers are required to pay a 2.5% service fee. Moreover, NFT sellers may impose additional fees combined with the main one.


Play-to-Earn Games

The main goal of PlayDapp is to allow players to benefit from cryptocurrencies on the play-to-earn principle, providing Dapp developers with a blockchain platform to launch games that users can play while simultaneously becoming participants in the crypto economy. The PlayDapp ecosystem is much more structured and extensive than most other GameFi projects. Four active games are using PLA — the first PlayDapp game, CryptoDozer, was launched in March 2019. In addition, there are also:

  • Run game DozerBird;
  • AR game Dozer Treasures;
  • MMORPG Along with the Gods.

Five more games are under development and should be released soon.


PLA Token

The PLA (ERC20) token is the native token of the PlayDapp ecosystem. The token has a maximum supply of 700 million units, of which only 60% are in circulation at the time of writing. PLA has the following use cases:

  • a means of mutual settlement on the internal C2C marketplace;
  • reward players in play-to-earn games;
  • developer rewards for each in-game purchase or trade.

The developers provided a detailed scheme of token allocation:

  • 455 million tokens are reserved for partners and investors of the project;
  • 100 million tokens are allocated for the development of the PlayDapp ecosystem;
  • 95 million tokens are reserved for the project developers;
  • 25 million tokens are reserved for project advisors;
  • 25 million tokens are used for marketing.



PlayDapp remains one of the most promising and underrated GameFi projects. Given the rapid development of gaming Dapps, the project has a good chance of success. PlayDapp cooperates with high-class partners, including Samsung, Polygon, Chainlink, and many others. The PLA token has brilliant growth prospects as it is tightly integrated into the PlayDapp ecosystem. It is enough for one of the games to get a critical mass of popularity, as the PLA quotes will immediately go up. In addition, the project team consists of highly qualified experts with many years of experience in the PC online & mobile gaming industry.


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