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The Future of Blockchain Identities: Unstoppable Domains | Notum

By Notum

Sep 01, 20225 min read


Have you ever sent your assets to the wrong address? That’s not difficult to do, as a typical crypto address isn’t human-readable. A long string of random symbols means lots of copying and pasting addresses for users in web3. Just look at this ridiculous thing: bc1qw505436qejxtdg4y3r3dsrvary0c5xw7fb6f3t4. It’s hard to remember and too easy to make a typo. Enter Unstoppable Domains - their NFT domains are easy to remember, can send or receive payment in over 280 cryptos, and can be used to log in to hundreds of websites and dapp. This new technology is helping to make web3 more accessible and onboard the next millions of users 

Let’s take a closer look at blockchain domain names and how they work.


A Blockchain Domain Explained

Blockchain domains are domain names that run in a decentralized network or a blockchain. They exist on the same technology as cryptocurrencies and NFTs. They are transparent, reliable, safe, and belong to the owner forever, with no fees. 

Blockchain domains use human-readable text strings separated by a period from the domain ending or top-level domain (or TLD). Unlike usual domains, blockchain domains use TLDs such as .bitcoin, .blockchain, .coin, .crypto etc. Explore your new domain here


How Do Blockchain Domains Work?

Blockchain domains are almost the same as traditional domains. The main difference is that blockchain domains use blockchain addresses instead of connecting to an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Here’s an example:

So, you’ve decided to make your life easier and buy a blockchain domain from a service provider, such as Unstoppable Domains. The provider gives you an NFT, which acts as your proof of ownership. The NFT is ERC-721 compliant, which works in any decentralized app, marketplace, or NFT wallet.

Then, the blockchain domain will be connected to a blockchain address, your crypto wallet. After that, you can point the blockchain domain to a website on the blockchain network or the traditional Internet. 

So, here we are with some knowledge on the topic and looking for the right provider.


What Are Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains is a platform for a domain registry that provides you with blockchain-based domain names. You can buy a blockchain domain name in a human-readable format and then connect it to a personal cryptocurrency wallet.

The main idea behind this opportunity to replace a usual domain name is to enhance user-friendliness and make interaction with crypto way simpler and more secure.

Unstoppable Domains offers a verifiable way of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies without fear of messing up the process. In a nutshell, instead of copying and pasting that long public wallet address you want to send your cryptos to, you can just use the receiver’s domain name, such as ada.crypto or shelley.zil.

Unstoppable Domains NFTs are minted on Polygon, but they can be connected to over 280 different cryptocurrencies across any blockchain. 

You create a domain using any name you want to and add ‘.wallet,’ or ‘.nft.’ Then, if it’s still vacant, you can start using it for receiving crypto. To send your assets, you need to type out ‘ada.crypto’ instead of long crypto wallet addresses, which are a huge headache.

How Do Unstoppable Domains Work?

They work like traditional domains but still have some differences. Unstoppable Domains are decentralized, meaning they run on the blockchain network. This means that the user owns their NFT domain forever, with no fees. They can freely share their data across the decentralized web, choosing what to share and where. 

These domain names are minted on the Polygon blockchain with a blockchain-based solution known as the crypto name service (CNS). Each CNS domain is registered as an ERC-721 token, a non-fungible token, or NFT.

You can handle your domain ownership through exchanges, crypto wallets, and compatible marketplaces.

Unstoppable Domains’ Beauty

As everything is solid and well thought out, Unstoppable Domains has its architecture with mighty pillars, and there’s when its real beauty begins.

  • The platform is decentralized. Unstoppable Domains returns power to the users of web3, giving them more control over their data and how they share it online.

  • The technology supports various addresses. That means your domain is linked to the public blockchain. There are 280+ cryptocurrencies you can link to your domain name.

  • Pay one time, own it forever. After minting your domain, there are no fees or renewal charges. . Never. This is fantastic because you don’t need to renew annually, and it’s entirely your property.

  • No censorship. They are registered on the public blockchain and are impossible to knock down. You don’t need to be afraid of blocking, as typical censorship applied by governments and corporations doesn’t have any power over such tailored domains.

  • Supports dApps and various currencies. Unstoppable Domains supports about 317 decentralized apps (dApps) such as OpenSea, MoonPay,, etc. This makes them easy to integrate and use. The list of supported coins includes Ethereum (ERC20), Binance Chain (BEP2 & BEP20), Ethereum Classic, Solana, and OMNI.


How Safe Are Unstoppable Domains?

Really safe. There is no magic in that, as Unstoppable Domains are backed by blockchain technology, which makes them highly secure. Your domain can’t be blocked, so your website is never at risk of being ruined by outside interference. In contrast to traditional domain names, which the host can take down, NFT Domains are entirely yours. They are censorship-free, so you are the only person who manages a domain name. The website where you buy domains is secure itself, as it supports 2-factor authentication.


Let’s face it, the Web 3.0 era is here (or will come any minute). To have a blockchain domain is not just a question of convenience and aesthetics but also a freedom concern. That’s an affordable luxury not to be afraid of being blocked one day or scared of misprinting an alphanumeric crypto wallet address. No wonder more and more people are exploring this innovation and making use of it.

Unstoppable Domains is a pioneer in creating a more secure, open, and user-friendly space by integrating its domains technology into various platforms. So. don’t be surprised when one day, the whole decentralized web will be covered with their blockchain domains proving that they are truly unstoppable.

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