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Top Crypto Ads Networks in 2022 | Notum

By Notum

Dec 08, 20225 min read



As in traditional marketing, in promoting crypto projects, you need to create a reputation in your niche, constantly interact with the audience, and track and increase conversions. And here, it is crucial to correctly approach the choice of promotion channels. In this article, we will analyze the top of the most popular crypto advertising networks. Crypto advertising networks are indispensable for those who want to start advertising their project, website, application, or news among the crypto community. Such networks allow you to establish effective and secure interactions between publishers and advertisers. In addition, often due to the borderless nature of the blockchain, such networks enable users to customize ads to support their geo preferences, timing, and much more.


Top 5 Crypto Ads Networks


Hardly anyone from the crypto world has not heard of Coinzilla. It can rightfully be called one of the most hyped advertising platforms in this vertical. The company was founded in 2016 and is part of Sevio Advertising Technology. Coinzilla works with both advertisers and publishers. In addition to RTB, it also has a marketplace of various PR services. Since its inception, the platform has helped more than 20,000 publishers to monetize their activities. It is worth noting that Coinzilla is also an official Google reseller, which means it has full access to the giant’s inventory.

Coinzilla supports CPM, pop-ups, targeting by geo and devices, the ability to create black and white lists, and many other crypto advertising tools. However, it is worth noting that not everyone can use the capabilities of Coinzilla. The platform carefully selects websites based on reliability, fast loading, user-friendliness, etc.

Coinzilla provides ample opportunities for payment. However, it has a limit on the size of the deposit. Minimum deposits are 0.03 BTC, 1 ETH, or €500. In addition, Coinzilla has a referral program. You can refer your friends and earn €50 if they deposit at least €500. As for publishers, the minimum withdrawal amount is €50 and takes one to two business days.



Bitmedia was founded in 2015 and is one of the pioneers in the crypto advertising market. Over the years, the platform has served more than 30,000 advertising campaigns. In addition, Bitmedia boasts more than 1 billion monthly impressions and 20 million unique visits per month.

For an unprepared user, the Bitmedia interface may seem complicated. However, along with things that are unclear, there are quite convenient features, such as generating UTM tags or selecting entire regions in geo settings.

Bitmedia has quite extensive capabilities. Thus, it supports the largest number of image sizes among all platforms. In addition, there is an HTML format and the ability to launch text advertising. Of the possible models, Bitmedia supports not only CPM but also allows the launching of an advertising campaign using the CPC model. In Bitmedia, you can target by the following parameters: language, geo, devices, operating systems, and display time.

Moreover, within Bitmedia, you can only pay for advertising using BTC, although they promise to introduce USD payments. Information about the minimum deposit is not indicated anywhere. As for the minimum withdrawal, Bitmedia provides BTC and fiat withdrawals with a minimum amount of 0.0001 BTC.



The history of another platform, Ubex, began in 2018 with fundraising through ICO. Since then, the guys have disappeared from sight for some time, and, as it turned out, they managed to build a working advertising tool that is just entering the market. The platform is based on its own development, and the data is optimized by machine learning.

Ubex claims more than 40 connected advertising networks, including Google and Yandex. In addition, Ubex is one of the few platforms where you can run ads in applications. Ubex supports various image sizes, banners in HTML format, as well as video ads. Of the possible models, Ubex is the most flexible and supports CPM, CPC, and CPA.

The most popular media networks are collected here, and the main formats of creatives are implemented. There are flexible settings for determining the target audience. In addition to the standard geo, language, devices, operating systems, and display time, Ubex also allows you to select the position of advertising on the site.

Ubex accepts BTC, ETH, USDT, and UBEX native tokens for payment, when using which the user receives a 20% bonus. In addition, you can pay for advertising with fiat through the Stripe payment gateway. The minimum deposit, in this case, is $10.



A-ADS is the oldest advertising network that was launched in 2011. A-ADS is an anonymous advertising network that accepts payments in cryptocurrency only. You can order the placement of promotional materials without registering on the website using a Bitcoin address. The administration of the service guarantees its clients’ privacy. More than 6 million unique IP addresses are registered in the system. Content is displayed on 22 thousand websites. The site boasts 70 million impressions with over 60,000 clicks per day.

On A-ADS, it is possible to select an audience using targeting settings: operating system, geographical location, and user device type. It is also worth noting that A-ADS is fighting for a clean and secure Internet. Therefore, it provides only unobtrusive advertising, so there are no pop-ups, cookies, or JavaScript. Another advantage of the platform is the support of three advertising models: CPD, CPA, and CPM.

In addition, A-ADS has an affiliate program. Remuneration is paid only for attracting advertisers. The webmaster receives 10% of each payment from the customer. The money is transferred within 90 days, after which the client will no longer bring you income.



Adshares is a decentralized crypto advertising platform that allows publishers and advertisers to interact directly without intermediaries. Adshares aims to revolutionize AdTech and provide advertisers with all the benefits of blockchain technology. The purpose of the platform is to reduce the cost of advertising campaigns, as well as to provide a transparent and censorship-free platform. The developers of Adshares refused to use platforms such as Google AdSense, instead building a new decentralized platform. Adshares operates on a reliable and secure ADS blockchain, with a throughput of 1.4 ad microtransactions per second. Due to its features, the platform is ideally suited for serving ads in metaverses, games, mobile applications, AR/VR, and websites.

Adshares promotes transparency, reliability, privacy, and security. As a result, the platform is a mutually beneficial tool for everyone: efficiency for advertisers, transparency and instant payments for publishers, and consumer privacy.

The network provides various advertising models, such as CPA, CPM, and even pop-under ads. In addition, you can use Adshares without verification.

But the most important feature of Adshares is that payments between advertisers and publishers are made every hour.