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Top 4 Crypto Price Indicators | Notum

By Notum

Sep 02, 20223 min read

  1. Fibonacci retracement levels

    This indicator forecasts the zones of support and resistance levels in the trend that the price will likely follow. That helps you to choose the most appropriate entry point. The indicator is built on the Fibonacci retracement basis.
  2. RSI

    The following indicator shows and over the asset. RSI has a scale of 30-70, where 30 and less indicate that the asset is undervalued after a price, and 70 means that the asset is overpriced after steady growth.
  3. Volume Profile

    The indicator demonstrates trading volume allocation by price. It allows finding the point of the biggest volume for a chosen time period. This indicator helps to define essential price levels of support and resistance.
  4. Triple MA

    That’s a trend-following indicator. The floating demonstrates an average price for a chosen time period. Talking about the following case, there are three moving averages for different time periods. The trend allows users to specify a current trend, short-term changes, and support and resistance. When the price goes higher than MA*, it shows an upward trend. When the price goes lower than MA, it helps to define a declining trend. The moving average crossover confirms the trend is changing.

Where to Look for Those Indicators?

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