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Top Crypto Trends of 2022 | Notum

By Notum

Jun 27, 20224 min read



Some say crypto will hit bottom and disappear. Still, some are pretty positive about the current situation and thinking about buying the dip or investing in ‘good-looking’ currencies and projects. 

That really depends on you and your attitude, though — are you a skeptical person or a happy camper who finds possibilities everywhere even when it seems everything is a disaster? That will dictate how to react and, thus, act on the market. But whoever you are, it’s good to know the trends and how to use them to your advantage. That’s why we’ve decided to discuss the most promising projects to look at in 2022.


A fast-growing development of blockchain technologies allows gamers to play their favorite games and gain crypto. The GameFi industry combines having some leisure time and DeFi allowing earning while playing. GameFi rewards can be either cryptocurrency or various in-game NFTs. Traditionally, habitual video games don’t come along with any financial profit, and in-game items belong to the developers. Blockchain games provide us to utterly control our virtual property and get some profit. 

The most popular GameFi projects at the moment of writing are:

  • Axie Infinity — $1,159,557,137 market cap
  • Stepn — $455,940,487 market cap


Most Metaverses use NFT tokens for creating in-game digital valuables and tokens as an in-game payment method. Without blockchain technology, the Metaverses couldn’t provide users an opportunity to utterly own their digital property. According to experts, purchasing NFT properties won’t be unusual and out of the ordinary soon. Famous fashion brands, service providers, and other goods producers are getting actively involved in the Metaverse, creating their own NFTs for virtual reality.

The most popular Metaverse projects nowadays are:

  1. Decentraland — $1,515,999,005 market cap
  2. Sandbox — $1,117,802,371 market cap

Cryptocurrency Laws and Regulations

The growing popularity of crypto attracts more attention from the regulating authorities in different countries. Today, regulators worldwide consider the laws to make crypto securer for investing and becoming a subject of tax.

The regulation should also help investors track gained income and capital loss.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill signed by American president Joe Biden in 2021 includes several tax reporting on cryptocurrency, making it easier for the IRS to track cryptocurrency flow among American citizens.

Crypto ETF

In 2021 on the NYSE, the New York Stock Exchange, the first ETF* connected to Bitcoin ($BTC), was registered. The following tool was approved by the SEC, an independent federal agency. It’s the fund that buys one or several cryptocurrencies. For instance, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Then the ETF fund sells its stocks to investors on the stock exchange. It allows investors to profit from the basket fund's increasing prices without buying them directly from crypto exchanges. The following instrument is new, but it’s still a traditional way of investing.        

*an ETF — an exchange-traded fund, a basket of securities that could be in the form of stocks, bonds, commodities, or different that offers diversification and easy trading.


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