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Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers | Notum

By Notum

Nov 18, 20226 min read



The most crucial asset in the crypto space is not Bitcoin but timely and high-quality information. That is why social media has become a lifesaver for crypto users, as this is how they can create groups for interaction and mutual assistance. One of the most popular social media platforms among the crypto community is Discord. All this is thanks to several unique features that make it the best platform for crypto enthusiasts. This article will tell you about the ten best servers where crypto users can get up-to-date information.


Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers to Follow

  1. r/NFT Community

    r/NFT Community is the biggest NFT Discord server for users interested in non-fungible tokens. The official r/NFT community from Reddit created this server. Thanks to this server, users interested in NFT can find answers to all their questions, communicate with other people with similar interests, learn about upcoming launches of NFT collections, and much more.

    In addition, this community is user-friendly and is ready to take you into the fascinating world of NFTs, which are both works of art, domains, and even digital identities. The r/NFT Community server has more than 150,000 members ready to answer any of your NFT-related questions 24/7.

  2. Satoshi Club

    Satoshi Club is a popular project that intends to help business owners of blockchain startups get more publicity among a highly targeted crypto audience. This is a winning solution for both sides: crypto companies can present their product to interested users, and the Satoshi Club community can study various educational materials and even earn rewards in $USDT for their activity.

    Discord server Satoshi Club has more than 30,000 members who can participate in multiple games and daily/weekly/monthly events, get answers to questions of interest, share and receive valuable, insightful information, participate in various AMAs, and chat with like-minded people.

  3. Cryptohub

    Cryptohub is an all-in-one place that will be especially useful for those who have just entered the cryptocurrency trail. This is a crypto community that is dedicated to all crypto-related topics: from safe trading, gem hunting, and staking, to investment advice, upcoming launches of new projects, various IDOs, and even Web3 jobs. This service is especially friendly for newbies. Here you can find comprehensive information that will introduce you to cryptoverse.

    In addition, this server actively cooperates with reputable professional analysts who constantly publish free/premium/member signals, trading materials, and news. In addition, the server is also aimed at discussing NFT airdrops and minting. Finally, it should be noted the high security of the server. You will not meet annoying ads and spam, and violators of the rules are added to the ban list.

  4. Elite Crypto Signals

    Elite Crypto Signals is the best crypto trading Discord server that helps traders get the most working trading signals and earn profit. This is one of the best channels that provides the secrets of effective investment and informs you about your trades' entry points and exit points. Elite Crypto Signals provides alerts, expert guidance, and training materials. All the signals provided are based on a deep technical and fundamental analysis conducted by professional analysts. In addition, by paying for a premium subscription ($40 for a month, $80 for three months, or $100 for a lifecycle), you can no longer worry about financial losses and leave all the work to professionals.

  5. r/Wallstreetbets

    Jaime Rogozinski founded Wallstreetbets in 2012. He wanted to create a place where experienced investors could exchange tips on short-term, high-risk strategies with quick and large profits. Lack of experience, aggressive strategies, high risks, trolling, self-confidence and memes are the main features of a most populated Discord server. As a result, r/WallStreetBets has become a place where investors exchange ideas for quick earnings, launch advertising campaigns with calls to support certain stocks, brag about big profits by posting screenshots from online brokerage accounts, etc.

    The main tool of r/WallStreetBets is the Robinhood platform; most of the screenshots are from this service. The community also influences the service, finding vulnerabilities in it, for example, infinitely increasing its leverage. So if you want to become part of the largest and most hype community, this server is just for you.

  6. Cracking Crypto

    Cracking Crypto is one of the most reputed crypto trading servers of Discord. This server provides comprehensive, detailed information about how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology works. Thus, Cracking Crypto is not for you if you want to receive trading signals. It is a crypto academy that will pump up your knowledge in trading and investing. Cracking Crypto is a free Discord server where users can get instant guidance and answers to all their questions.

    However, if you paid Premium Trading Services (from $99 to $249), you will get access to the most efficient signals, trade setups, and strategies. By switching to premium, you will be able to learn how to build profitable strategies, take an algorithmic backtesting course, a trading academy, and much more. Finally, it is worth noting that Cracking Crypto has a high reputation for providing reliable information, and participants’ feedback can be viewed on the official website or by visiting an open Discord server.

  7. Crypto Dads

    Crypto Dads is a Discord server that unites thousands of “dads” worldwide into a cohesive community of crypto lovers. This server is the brainchild of the well-known Stock Dads premium educational platform focused on stock trading, options, and sports betting. Crypto Dads allow users to communicate on any crypto-related topics and play games. You get training information and various trading signals if you pay for a premium subscription ($35 per month, $100 per quarter, $400 per year). All provided signals are prepared by professional members of the community and include real-time alerts for cryptocurrencies, NFTs, shitcoins, and metaverses.

    Additionally, a premium membership gives you exclusive access to the Crypto Dads Academy, live virtual trading sessions, downloadable training resources, real-time news, AI bots, and various giveaways and contests.

  8. Larva Labs 

    Larva Labs is a pioneer among NFT-targeted Discord servers. Larva Labs is a company that stands behind the sensational CryptoPunks, Meebits, and Autoglyphs NFT collections. Larva Labs company was founded by two technologists specializing in software — Matt Hall and John Watkinson. The brainchild of the guys — CryptoPanks — became one of the first NFT collections on Ethereum, which turned the concept of ownership upside down.

    Larva Labs is actively developing and launching new projects in cooperation with world-renowned companies. One of these is the Androidify project in collaboration with Google. In addition, the guys communicate with their dedicated community in a Discord group. So if you want to keep up to date with the latest NFT trends and receive professional analysis, then the Larva Labs server is what you need.

  9. Today We Push

    The cryptocurrency space and market manipulation have already become almost synonymous. While some traders rely on various signals and strategies and carefully think through each step, others use not entirely honest methods — pumps and dumps. A pump is a market situation that leads to a very rapid and fundamentally unjustified growth of the cryptocurrency exchange rate and arises as a result of the purposeful actions of traders. A dump is a deliberate sale of assets in huge quantities to lower the exchange rate in the short term artificially. The dump following the pump allows manipulators to make money on gullible traders who bought coins at an artificially inflated cost.

    Today We Push is one of the most famous Discord servers that provide pumps and dumps signals. Here, you can get detailed information about which altcoin or exchange will be used for the pump.

  10. Jacob Crypto Bury

    Jacob Crypto Bury is a Discord server managed by Jacob Bury, an experienced crypto trader. Bury uses this channel to lead and facilitate the discussion of digital currencies. In addition, Bury regularly publishes messages about new cryptocurrencies entering the market. This channel was also one of the first to notice some of the most popular cryptocurrency launches of 2022, such as Tamadoge, IMPT, and Calvaria.

    In other words, Jacob Crypto Bury is one of the best Discord channels for investors who are looking for new cryptocurrencies with high growth potential. This Discord server offers content through six different channels: general discussions (a chat where you will be answered all crypto-related questions), news (a place that will help you keep up to date), charts (a channel that informs investors about prices and trends of all known digital coins), data and charts, DeFi, a channel for beginners, as well as for followers of Jacob.