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Top 10 Metaverse Professions That Will Exist by 2030 | Notum

By Notum

Oct 18, 20225 min read


The metaverse includes virtual, augmented, and mixed reality and will soon become a functional “successor” to the existing Internet. Thinking about the future of a new project, a reasonable question arises: “What job opportunities can the metaverse offer?”. There will be a lot of potential vacancies in the metaverse, and in this article, we will look at some of the most interesting ones.

What is Metaverse?

Before moving on to what kind of work you can have in the metaverse, it is crucial to understand what it is. The metaverse is considered the next significant evolution the Internet will go through. Some also call it Web 3.0, while others think it’s different. Be that as it may, the metaverse will be the most exciting Internet adventure ever.

According to CoinMarketCap, by 2030 metaverse will become a $13 trillion market with more than 5 billion users.

Instead of web pages, applications, and other things, there will be “spaces.” You can virtually be present in these spaces and even feel with the help of VR and AR technologies.

Another feature of these spaces is that you will be able to own them in NFT form. You can buy virtual lands, houses, clothes, items, and almost any things. You can own your own house, live in it, sell it for a profit and do much more. This is a kind of recreation of real life. In addition, there are many different professions in the metaverse, let’s see which ones.

Top 10 Metaverse Professions Will Exist by 2030

Digital fashion designer

The goal of digital fashion designers is to design, demonstrate and test the characteristics of clothing in a virtual environment. They will develop a virtual three-dimensional copy of a person using a body scanner and then, taking into account all the material characteristics (density, texture, pattern), create a virtual wardrobe. This technology will allow designers to organize mass production to order, which will hugely impact online shopping and the entire fashion industry. It’s not hard to guess that this will be very common in the metaverse.


Artists and influencers have existed for centuries, so it is logical to assume they will move with us into the new digital world. Thanks to customized avatars, artists will be able to create characters identical to them in appearance, style, and communication. Popular artists in the real world can hold virtual concerts and organize parties, fashion shows, and other events. We need not look far, for example, Travis Scott and Ariana Grande have already gathered millions of fans at viral concerts. With the development of the metaverse, other artists will find their niche — DJs, streamers, stand-up comedians, actors, and directors. Holding events in the metaverse has its advantages — you can quickly change the stage's scenery or create unrealistic effects, increasing the impact of what is happening on the viewer.


We can no longer imagine our life without advertising. Sometimes it can be boring, annoying, and sometimes fascinating and useful. The advertising business is estimated at trillions of dollars, and its profit is only growing. Therefore, there are many professions related to the promotion. These are people who write advertising texts, actors and other celebrities who promote goods and services, those who shoot and edit commercials, and many others. With the transition to the metaverse, the advertising business will receive a new round of development, and the videos will be supplemented with new interesting special effects. The metaverse is pretty much already prepared for advertising. Eventually, entire companies will appear in the metaverse, whose sole purpose will be to create advertising and earn money. Such companies will bring many jobs, just like in the real world.  


Like many technological advances, the metaverse also poses legal and organizational challenges that must be overcome. With the growing interest in the metaverse, there is a growing demand for legal advice on how the laws of the real world are translated into the virtual world, particularly in areas such as intellectual property, data protection, and privacy. Lawyers in the metaverse will specialize in solving legal issues related to the creation, negotiation, and execution of contracts and sometimes participate in litigation when the contracting parties cannot figure out how to interpret or execute this agreement. The metaverse will also require lawyers with digital technology experts who will understand digital rights. These contracts can be concluded, for example, between a company and an employee, a tenant and a landlord, and a car seller and a buyer.

Metaverse Guide

The metaverse is a virtual environment where users will travel to different worlds. In reality, there will be tourist attractions and places that you want to visit. But without the help of a guide, it will be almost impossible to see all corners of the virtual universe. Guides in the Metaverse should be guided by cities and regions, be prepared to spend a lot of time in VR glasses, and speak languages like real guides. 

Community Manager

Brands come to the metaverse, as well as to offline reality. And they will need an audience and also a close-knit community. The community manager will become a connecting element between the product and consumers in the metaverse. The specialist will not only engage in attracting new people to the community but also be responsible for virtual events. And thanks to the unlimited possibilities of the metaverse, it will be able to embody ideas that are not available in the real world. For example, to hold a product presentation in the Mariana Trench or organize a fashion collection show on the star's surface.

Ecosystem Developer

The metaverse does not self-organize itself. For everything to develop correctly in the virtual space, it is necessary to create an ecosystem by digitizing sensors, data, energy sources, processes, rules, laws, and even entire communities. The developer will be able to build an ecosystem in the metaverse, ensuring the smooth operation of all system wheels. They must be able to think both small and global and also be able to interact with business models.

Designers and architects

After creating the architecture of the metaverse, it is also important to imagine and create entire worlds. A metaverse designer will need to have many of the skills needed by video game designers. Designers and architects will design houses, neighborhoods, cities, and entire worlds.  Everything from the architecture of virtual reality to what your virtual personality will look like must be designed. However, unlike architects in real life, the builders of the virtual reality world will not have any limitations of the physical plan of the current reality, so this work will allow creative people to unleash their imagination.

Real Estate Agent

Now the majority of users are engaged in buying real estate in virtual reality on their own. For example, to purchase an area in Next Earth, you must create a crypto wallet and pick up an object. You can resell such housing to another person through a special project site. In the future, there will be specialists whose tasks are similar to the work of ordinary estate agents but in virtual reality. They will evaluate and select digital real estate, conclude purchase and sale agreements and accompany transactions. Such realtors will be engaged in servicing ordinary consumers and large companies that purchase large areas for advertising or online events.

Cybersecurity Specialist

A new level of cybersecurity is needed for the virtual world. This is necessary to protect against cyber attacks, data leaks, cyber theft, and other similar problems. Cybersecurity experts in the metaverse will detect, evaluate and prevent fraud, theft, and leakage of sensitive data. This new profession will include compliance with security protocols and the creation of new applications and systems that will help ensure the security of the metaverse. To become an expert in this field, you will need experience in cybersecurity and programming in ordinary reality.


The metaverse is a rapidly developing virtual world, which, like the real one, needs to be experienced, but extremely creative specialists. In this article, we have reviewed the main professions that will appear in the next decade. Designers will be needed to create a beautiful picture, a real estate agent to select land plots, a community manager for concerts and events organization, and a lawyer to resolve disputes.