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Apr 19, 20226 min read


Travelling with crypto. What Is

It all started in 2017 Juan Otero and Steve Hipwell decided to create Juan has experience with the largest tech companies, including Oracle and He is responsible for overseeing and running all operations, business activities, and resources to ensure that all corporate decisions fit the general strategy and mission.

Steve Hipwell has 10 years of experience in online traveling, and he is responsible for maintaining’s day-to-day business operations. He’s a Chief of Operations, so he manages’s operational processes to ensure a perfect customer experience and that the company has all the necessary operational and financial procedures properly.

So, what’s so special about the project? Travala makes it possible for their  customers to book hotels, flights and other travel-related activities. They have their own token called $AVA, that we’re going to discuss a bit later. Travala has 3 million+ travel products and 230 countries and territories covering around 90,000 destinations.

It’s backed by one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, Wazirx, Binance DEX.  Yet, it is governed by users holding the Travala's AVA tokens (BEP-2 token standard). 

The really good news, Travala announced that from now they would accept Shiba Inu’s $SHIB and Hedera Hashgraph’s $HASH tokens as a payment method. Grab your SimpleHold wallet and enjoy easy travelling with favourite coins and tokens! 


Why is it so good?

The project gained success, and there are some reasons, of course. Let’s try to uncover all of them gradually.

  1. AVA offers up to 10% off eligible bookings up to 5% back on eligible bookings up to 3 % additional discounts or paying AVA, an 8% per annual year bonus rewards for stakers, and 5 smart loyalty levels to choose from which provide savings based of your steak.
  2. Every single booking bought on Travala in fiat or crypto is given AVA back at 2 to 5% of the value.
  3. The more bookings a customer make through their marketplace, the more AVA tokens theyr will get back as a cashback reward.
  4.  Travala’s white paper promises that $AVA will be repurchased and burnt every quarter until 21,571,086 AVA are destroyed with a total supply of 40 million AVA left. Currently, the circulating supply is 38.5 million out of a max supply of 61,383 million.
  5. Via Binance app or webpage, you can set up the Travala extension for quicker booking proccess.
  6. A wide range of tokens accepted as a payment method, so there are options, and maybe your favourite ones among them. Check the list out. 
  7. Travala announced an integratiton with NFTb, this feature allows to NFTB token holders booking 2.2 million+ hotels and homes, 600+ airlines, and 40,000+ activities in more than 230 countries. 
  8. Travala has a mobile app that lets you make bookings right from a smatphone. However the mobile app hasn’t supported flight bookings yet.
  9. There is a Travala gift card you can buy as a present to your friends, family, and colleagues. They can use it to make bookings via Travala.
  10. The projects offers one of the best loyalty programs in the travel industry, which is available for the AVA token holders.


Smart Program Rewards 

Once a customer has at least 250 AVA tokens within a wallet, then they can stake them and join the Smart Program. It gives an opporunity to save up to 10% on bookings and earn up to 18% APY on their AVA tokens. Also it gives a discount of up to 5% on accommodation prices.A customer gets a loyalty bonus of up to 5% after their holiday. To get more AVA tokens and benefits from the Smart Program a customer can buy AVA tokens from other crypto exchanges like Binanace and alike.  There are 5 levels of staking within the Travala:

  • Level 2 — 500 tokens 
  • Level 3 — 1,250 tokens 
  • Level 4 — 2,000 tokens 
  • Level 5 — 2,500 tokens


What Is $AVA token?

  • Total supply: 61,011,389 AVA
  • Circulating Supply: 50,916,287.23 AVA
  • BEP2 asset on the Binance Chain and BEP20 asset on Binance Smart Chain

In 2018’s native token $AVA was introduced to the market at an ICO price of about $0.25 per token. 

But as time passes, investors became more interested in the AVA token, so the price has increased, with the token reaching an all-time high value of $6.42 in April 2021.’s token is currently the 173rd largest cryptocurrency project when measured by total market capitalization. 

You can also use $AVA for:

  • Payments: Pay the total amount of your travel books with the $AVA token, and you get an additional 3% discount off the final price.
  • Booking: For each booking completed on you get up to 2% of your final booking price paid back in $AVA.
  • Guaranteed Price: Travala will match any public competitor’s price for stays and activities.
  • Pay for bills: Pay bills with $AVA – electricity, mobile phone, car registration, credit card, and rent bills.
  • Shopping: Have a great shopping with $AVAs as payment at 5,000+ onine stores worldwide, thanks to Coingate partnership.
  • Repurchasing Plan: The repurchasing plan take’s place every quarter. The amount of $AVA to be repurchased each quarter is based on 20% of the net booking revenue.
  • Booking: For each completed booking within the, you can get up to 2% cashback of your final booking price paid back in $AVA.


Payment options on

Travala accepts all traditional payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and also via Pay, Binance Pay, and Swipe. For crypto payment options Travala accepts 40+ coins and tokens including:

The whole list of accepted currencies is here


Where to follow

Wrapping up was launched as a small start-up – and then quickly became the world’s leading blockchain-based travel-oriented platform. Travala connects travelers and provides everything one needs during their trip. From hotels and apartments to various activities.

Travala covers 90,000+ destinations and 230 countries and territories. Travala’s prices are up to 40% cheaper than usual booking platforms. It’s a vast platform getting even bigger as cryptocurrency continues its adoption.


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