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What Is Bella? | Bella (BEL) Protocol Review | Notum

By Notum

Jun 12, 20226 min read


What Is Bella Protocol?

Why does the crypto industry need Decentralized Finance (DeFi)? Because it massively helps to expand liquidity of the on-chain assets and reform traditional finance. Smart contract-enabled protocols will replace financial intermediaries, boost transparency and fairness, and benefit everyone in the financial ecosystem.

Bella Protocol aims to boost DeFi's massive adoption. Bella provides a full suite of DeFi products, including automated yield farming tools, lending protocol, 1-click savings accounts, customized robo-advisor, and more. The project believes DeFi users deserve much better mobile products with neat design and a flawless user experience. Bella takes your familiar mobile banking into crypto with just 1-Click.

The core concept of Bella's product design is 1-Click. The platform's products condense information into actionable plans, automate everything possible, and fit both newcomers and advanced users.

Now users can stop bouncing between protocols to farm for the best yield and simply sit back and leave all the haste to the platform. As a rule, crypto holders cannot participate in DeFi because of high gas fees, low speed, and poor user experience, so the Bella decided to solve all those drawbacks. 

1-Click allows users to quickly deposit and get a high yield from sophisticated arbitrage strategies, both on-chain or through Bella’s custodian service. The 1-Click portal is supposed to be a game-changer, similar to Amazon’s 1-Click ordering system, and to bring 10x more users to the DeFi space. 

Bella Protocol’s Main Features

1. Automation
Bella is a real forward of automation. It provides a one-click investment process, making that possible to simply watch your assets grow while the code does all the work.

2. Minimal to zero gas fees
One of the Bella protocol’s sincere beliefs is that everyone should have access to high-quality financial services. Therefore, you’ll encounter minimal or even zero gas fees while interacting with the platform.

3. Best yield
Bella wants the particles to be a route for some of the best competitive returns in the market.

4. Lower volatility
The APY is fixed, that’s your guarantee to stay aboard while the market is fluctuating. A great preventive measure against trading loss.

5. Fewer boundaries
Join the protocol right away, as there are no special requirements, so anyone can participate in Bella Locker to stake any $BEL amount and earn rewards automatically wherever they are. 

Bella Ecosystem

The protocol has many additional products that create a whole ecosystem. Built by the ARPA project team, Bella Protocol simplifies the user experience of the DeFi protocols and empowers users to deploy their crypto assets and gain yield with ease.

Bella Liquidity Mining

  • Stake LP tokens in the Curve pool, Balancer ARPA/USDC, and BEL/USDC for getting a reward.

Bella Flex Savings

  • Cross-platform arbitrage yield farming strategies across protocols for the highest yield.
  • Support for various crypto assets and stablecoins.

Bella One-Click Portal

  • Smart portal for deploying assets on popular DeFi products with zero gas fees via Bella's custodian service.

Bella Lending

  • Decentralized lending product with the support of LP tokens, referral bonus, liquidity mining, and well-structured finance products.

Bella Robo-Advisor

  •  Generate a tailored portfolio of indexes, yield-earning stablecoins, and other crypto-assets built on user risk profile.

$BEL Token

The BEL token is a crucial component of the Bella Protocol ecosystem because it functions as a reward token and a voting token in the platform’s governance at the same time.
You can use $BEL to receive staking incentives, fee rewards in the farm network, and get unique discounts on Bella protocol items (e.g., a robo-advisor tool).
$BEL is the Bella ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency, and it’s essential for: 

  • Fees: Part of transaction and service revenue from the ecosystem will be channeled towards BEL token stakers, referral channels, operations, and the risk reserve.
  • Discounts: BEL token holders have discounts on services. So, if you use the robo-advisor and use BEL for your payment, you pay less.
  • Staking: Users can earn staking rewards when they hold BEL tokens.
  • Voting and governance: Voting and governance: Holding BEL tokens give an opportunity for users to vote and have an impact on important decisions such as product upgrades, new releases, partner products, and alike. 

$BEL Tokenomics

The BEL token was listed through Binance Launchpool for a private sale price of $0.75 in October 2020. Of the 100 million total supply, 5% was reserved for the sale. Another two million BEL tokens (2% of supply) were airdropped to ARPA Chain (ARPA) holders.

Bella Protocol has quarterly burn programs using 4% of interest generated from the Flex Savings protocol. The core team retains 20% of interest generated through Flex Savings. Another 4% goes to BEL stakers who use the Bella Locker protocol.

Bella Protocol ran a liquidity mining program until 5 May 2022, during which 30,000 BEL were issued per month.

BEL was in downtrends for most of 2022, started a new year at $1.55 before falling to $0.89 on 12 March, and it continued to head below the $0.50 price line on 10 May.

However, on 30 May 2022, BEL’s 24-hour trading volume of $518.35m was almost 1000% of the market capitalization. That’s quite a sharp rise in value from $0.32 to $1.20. The most interesting thing here is that a new price turned up from nowhere, as there weren’t any announcements and developments for the protocol or any specific reasons for such a pump.

Where to Buy $BEL?

$BEL is listed in Binance, MEXC, Bilaxy, BKEX, HotBit, SimpleSwap, CoinTiger,, etc. You’ll find the token paired against either USDC, BTC, BNB, BUSD, USDT, and more.