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What is Coin98 (C98)? | Notum

By Notum

Nov 07, 20225 min read


Coin98 Explained

Coin98 is a blockchain platform offering users access to various DeFi products based on blockchains. The main focus of the platform team is on inter-network compatibility and usability — this should contribute to the formation of a universal DeFi space. Coin98 offers users access to a whole ecosystem of DeFi products. The platform features:

  • a cross-chain decentralized liquidity aggregator that provides a free exchange of tokens between different blockchains;
  • multichain Coin98 Wallet;
  • native token C98;
  • native stablecoin Coin98 Dollar;
  • staking services;
  • yield farming and lending;
  • cross-chain bridge.

The project team aims to make all these products accessible to a wide audience and build a gateway between traditional and decentralized finance.

Coin98 Ecosystem 

There are many projects similar to Coin98 on the market. But they are usually limited to supporting only a few networks. The competitive advantage of the Coin98 platform is that it supports digital assets from over 50 blockchain networks. Also, the Coin98 team prioritizes user comfort, so all products are available through a single interface.

Consider the main products of the Coin98 ecosystem. Their development is carried out by Coin98 Labs, a special division of the company.

Coin98 Wallet is a non-custodial multi-chain crypto wallet. It supports more than 50 networks. The wallet is a crucial component of the project ecosystem and allows users to manage their assets easily.

The wallet serves as a universal DeFi gateway facilitating access to the entire sector of decentralized finance. It allows you to connect to several DEX at once, including Coin98 Exchange, Uniswap, SushiSwap, Quickswap, Pangolin, and MDEX, and buy assets there. At the same time, the wallet does not charge any additional fees — the user pays only the fee of blockchain networks.

  • Coin98 Exchange is a decentralized exchange and liquidity aggregation protocol that provides liquidity from various sources in several blockchains. High liquidity is achieved by using dozens of blockchains and adding their liquidity pools. This ensures that Coin98 Exchange users can choose the most favorable exchange rate for exchanging tokens and reduces the chance of slippage. Moreover, this approach reduces user costs for gas, offering the most optimal option for conducting a transaction through several sources of liquidity.

In addition, Coin98 Exchange allows users to borrow and lend on different platforms. To get started, you only need to connect your Coin98 Wallet.

  • Coin98 Portfolio is a service for tracking the status of your portfolio. The user simply indicates their wallets but does not enter private keys.
  • Coin98 Markets is an aggregator for real-time tracking of changes in the prices of tokens and basic data on them. This is an analog of the more famous CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
  • Coin98 MultiSend is a service for sending tokens to multiple addresses in different networks. This feature is available for sending assets from the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Avalanche C-Chain, Polygon, Fantom, TomoChain, OKExChain, GateChain, xDai Chain, Celo, and Klaytn networks.
  • Coin98 Token Issuer is a service for launching custom tokens based on blockchains connected to the platform. Users can launch tokens in ERC-20, BEP-20, HRC-20, TRC-20, and other standards. To launch your token, you need to choose the network, the name, and the symbol of the new digital asset, as well as choose the size of the issue and the mechanisms of minting and burning.

In addition, a multifunctional dApps browser is under development that will allow users to access many Web3 applications.

What Is Coin98 Dollar?

Coin98 Dollar is the bridge between all elements of the ecosystem. The main purpose of this stablecoin is to provide users with seamless interaction with decentralized finance within the framework of a cross-chain economy. The stablecoin was released to solve the problem of fragmented liquidity effectively.

Coin98 Dollar is a fully-backed stablecoin that serves as a medium of exchange across all ecosystem products of the project, such as the Multi-chain Token Launch Platform, NFT Marketplace, Cross-chain Bridge, Coin98 Exchange, and others. CUSD is a multi-chain stablecoin currently released in several chains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Solana. The project developers have set a limit on the total capitalization of CUSD for $50 million.

Coin98 Dollar is a decentralized stablecoin. The assets are back in the CUSD Reserve smart contract. To issue CUSD, fiat-backed stablecoins BUSD (BNB Chain) and USDC (Solana and Ethereum) are used. Collateral is transparent to the public. That is, everyone can view the assets in reserve using blockchain explorers. This increases the reliability and security of the stablecoin.

To issue one CUSD, the user must send one BUSD or USDC to the CUSD Treasury. Statistics indicate that USDC is the predominant token for collateral. At the time of writing, there are 453,421 USDC and 210,030 BUSD in Reserve. This conversion is free of charge. As for redemption, users need to perform the reverse process: deposit CUSD 1:1 for a previously collateralized stablecoin. However, a 0.5% fee is charged for each redeeming transaction. In the future, the fee amount may vary depending on market conditions.

In addition, for the holder of the native C98 token, CUSD provides several benefits including, but not limited to:

  • C98 holders can use the token as collateral to borrow CUSD.
  • Holders can supply liquidity to C98/CUSD pools on various blockchains.
  • C98 holders receive a portion of the revenue captured during operations with CUSD.



Coin98 is the next step in the development of decentralized finance. Such platforms can become an essential driver of the sector’s growth. After all, they provide access to different projects through a single interface, simplify cross-chain swaps and work with different blockchains. There is no need to connect a third-party wallet, as there is a native one, and use third-party services to find the best price for token swaps. As for CUSD, it is a logical building block for the entire ecosystem of the project, which acts as a necessary liquidity layer capable of solving the problems of fragmented liquidity.