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What Is Immopet (IMPT)? | Notum

By Notum

Oct 27, 20224 min read


What Is Immopet?

Immopet is an entertainment platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. The development team aims to use a distributed ledger, AR and VR technologies, and NFT technology to create entertainment content: games, metaverse, gaming communities, and NFT collections. The Immopet team is building a multifunctional Kesmai metaverse that will include a virtual memorial park, art gallery, games, and communities and will also allow users to profit from viewing ads in Immopet games and applications.

In addition, the project’s ecosystem includes an NFT game in which users can register their companion pets, thereby making them immortal. Immopet also plans to release various NFT projects. One of these is the Betdog NFT Collection.

Kesmai Metaverse

The project team is building a Kesmai metaverse to organize an all-in-one platform, including a Virtual Memorial Park, a Racing Stadium, an NFT Art Museum, and much more. The Virtual Memorial Park is a specialized space aimed at capturing the memory of your pet for centuries. Users can easily add photos, videos, and documents of their pets, leave messages, and even send letters to heaven. Thanks to NFT technology, pet owners will not worry about data loss and other inherent weaknesses in traditional memorial parks. The Racing Stadium is a place where daily tournaments are held with the use of Betdog NFTs.

Such well-known companies as Kesmai, One Blaze, Dream Idea Soft, and Australian companies Sky Racing World LLC and P&P Entertainment are engaged in the metaverse development, so the project promises to be really impressive.

The IMPT token acts as the key currency of the metaverse, with which users will be able to pay for in-game goods and services, as well as pay for advertising their services. Advertisers pay a certain fee for displaying their ads, and users watching ads receive time compensation deducted from this fee. The project team is still working on the metaverse, improving it and adding new features. There are plans to expand the capabilities of the Kesmai Metaverse and add a virtual shopping mall where users can buy the desired goods and services without leaving the virtual reality.

Immopet Game

Immopet Game is an NFT game available for download from Google Play. The idea of the project is to help people gain more knowledge regarding the development and growth of companion animals. In addition, users can register their real companion animals to make them genuinely immortal and capture their memory of them in the blockchain. To implement their plan, the creators used blockchain and NFT technology. Thus, each animal registered in the Immopet Game is an ERC-721 token, which allows it to live forever. Thanks to in-depth training, the project team managed to achieve incredible things. All Immopets have a different character and behave like living pets, which is especially important for those who want to have a pet companion but, for some reason, can’t get one. In addition, the game will support the voice recognition function, thanks to which users will be able to contact each other, and pets will respond to the name. 

You can get your immortal companion animal by downloading the game and developing your pet to Level 100. After reaching Level 100, you will have the opportunity to issue your immortal companion animal.

With a registered and verified account, users can arrange pet meetings. In addition, thanks to GPS location information, users can easily check information about pet owners walking nearby and offering to walk together.

Betdog NTFs

The Betdog NFT collection is cyber robot bulldogs that were lucky enough to live side by side with humanity. As a result, they did not die out from the harsh conditions other animal species face. According to the idea of the creators, by 2050, humanity was inventing new entertainment events and improving the gaming culture, which ultimately led to the creation of the popular dog racing sport with robotic companion dogs. This sport has become extremely popular among the people and is international.

Owners of special breeds of dogs participate in competitions daily. In pursuit of victory, humanity began to develop more and more advanced types of race-specialized dogs, and eventually, Betdogs were created. This dog breed differs from all others in that it is not a purebred robot. They are strong and hardy because their muscles and nerves are robotic, but they are also affectionate and attached to their owners because their DNA remains the same as that of real, living dogs.

Thanks to this, Betdogs have become the best breed for the cyber robot dog racing competition. The team plans to release 10,000 Betdog NFT, which will be divided by rarity level into general (9,000), legendary (900), and limited edition (100). Each Betdog NFT has unique abilities and traits. In total, there are ten different types of Betdogs that display their ability value. It is worth noting that only nine out of ten species participate in competitions. The other type acts as a judge. 

Betdog’s attributes consist of fire, wind, and water. Fire Betdogs are characterized by high endurance to high temperatures. Wind Betdogs are an excellent choice if the competition occurs in strong winds. Water Betdogs are trained to win in a slippery arena on rainy days.

In addition to participating in the competition, Betdog NFTs endow holders with the following benefits:

  1. One-time payment of 1,000 IMPT.
  2. 30% on the service of dogs in Petpeace.
  3. T-shirt from a famous designer. 1 NFT = 1 T-shirt.
  4. 50% discount on accommodation in Cambodia 5-star Nagaworld. It can be used once a year.
  5. Various bonuses and discounts within the Kesmai Metaverse.



Immopet is an exciting project that is just beginning its journey. The project’s founders significantly contribute to the pet industry by helping pet owners imprint the memory of their four-legged friends for centuries. In addition, thanks to the project, users can participate in a play-to-earn game, receive rewards for viewing ads, make new acquaintances by interest, and get the necessary knowledge about the development and growth of their companion pets.