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What Is Kishu Inu? KISHU Review | Notum

By Notum

Apr 14, 20223 min read



Kishu Inu is a completely decentralized, community-driven, and dog-themed token. The project was launched in April 2021 as an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The aim of the project is a development within a strong and loyal community. That’s why sincere transparent communication is really appreciated among the holders. So, every single person could be well-informed and have an opportunity to participate in all project changes.

The team decided to stay anonymous. The KISHU’s smart contract was fully revised and checked by Certik and TechRate, and its LP (Liquidity Pool) tokens were burned. That means almost no risks are involved, and there is no reason to be afraid of fraudsters and bad actors.

An interesting fact — KISHU got the prize as the Best Community Token of 2022 at the Dubai Expo!


What does the project offer to its holders? There are plenty of options, have a brief look at them:

KISHU SWAP — is a decentralized exchange of ERC - 20 tokens. Every single time when the transaction happens, a 2% of KISHU fee is spread among KISHU holders.

KISHU CRATEKishu's own NFT platform where holders earn points and claim unique NFTs from different farms. A user chooses a farm based on the type of NFT they want to acquire and how much Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) they want to stake.

KISHU PAW PRINT — is an app where holders can trace the token’s stats during the time. Stats include total balance, current pricing in USD, price chart, and acquired rewards.

KISHU sWAG is a platform that is ruled by a non-commercial organization without any owners or investors. That massively helps to openly support Kishu Inu's mission in the real world, getting official merch. All the earnings are spent on the development, maintenance, and applying new functions to the project.  

KISHU KINGDOM their own Metaverse NFT project was announced on the 17th of March, and it was developed with MainLeaf — a famous game design company. That should be a play-to-earn trading card game, where players will battle each other in the dynamic environment of many various arenas by applying a thorough strategy and playing the right cards.


Kishu Inu Token (KISHU)

Kishu Inu is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network and the total supply of KISHU is 100 quadrillion tokens. It’s a “community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency” that rewards users with a 2% KISHU award for each transaction. It didn’t take long for Kishu to overrun the $2 billion market capitalization level and is reported to have over 100,000 holders. But as the time passes, the dog-themed token has decreased since then and carries a rather small market cap of $135 million. Actually, it lost more than 90% in its price. 


  • Low Cost: Once $KISHU is sent across the border within an inter-wallet transfer, it has a lower transaction fee.

  • Zero-Risk Passive Earnings: KISHU holders add new earnings to their wallets by staking KISHU. They can get benefits without trading.

  • Interest: KISHU Coin holders earn some interest by lending to those who need debt within the network.

  • Speed: KISHU allows you to do all of the trading, clearing, and transfer transactions within a few minutes.

Closing Thoughts

The token got its inspiration from Dogecoin ($DOGE), but it is a legit form of cryptocurrency. It has recognition and validation within the crypto market to make dealings and transactions via the use of the Kishu Inu token.

Kishu Inu isn't just a funny token in the crypto market. It had its own modifications in its tokenomy to rich global audiences and got people to actually use $KISHU for different purposes.

The Kishu Inu coin has achieved some impressive milestones by creating its own DEX, ways of adoption, its own NFT platforms, and even a play-to-earn game.