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What Is Victoria VR? | VR Review | Notum

By Notum

Apr 26, 20225 min read


What Is Victoria VR?

Victoria VR is the first of its kind realistic metaverse on the blockchain that opens up limitless possibilities for users. The platform uses blockchain technology to provide fast, high-quality, and unhindered immersion in the virtual world. Victoria VR is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) built on the most powerful and advanced game engine — Unreal Engine. This is not just another similar to other metaverses; within the framework of Victoria VR, users can do anything — limitations are imposed only by imagination. In the Victoria VR metaverse, you can:

Become anyone. Create yourself a fully customized and realistic avatar. The avatar can become your exact copy, a copy of your idol, and even a medieval magician — complete freedom.

Be anywhere. Are you tired of studying or working? Relax on the ocean, take a walk in the park, go to the mountains, attend a concert, watch sports events, and even fly to the Moon (without a spaceship, because in Victoria VR, you can fly by yourself).

Meet with friends and co-workers. Do you live far away from your friend or relative? Of course, today, technology allows us to be in touch 24/7. But with Victoria VR, interaction is taken to a new level. You can easily meet someone dear to you face-to-face or arrange a meeting with your business partners without leaving your sofa.

Visit various exhibitions, events, and institutions. Users can visit, for example, art galleries where authors display their talented works (NFTs), which can also be freely purchased on The Big Marketplace VR.

Study. It is expected that in the coming years, universities, schools, and other educational institutions will transfer their courses and training programs to the Victoria VR metaverse.

Go shopping. You can meet your friend who is on the other side of the earth, go shopping in one of the branded stores, buy yourself sneakers, and get them in real life.

Seek adventures. Victoria VR is an open virtual world where you can explore various locations, complete quests, get into adventures with your friends, play, and get rewards in VR Tokens for all this.

Victoria VR Ecosystem 

  • Resources and Elements

Naturally, players will need various resources to build the penthouse of their dreams. In Victoria VR, as in the real world, there are five basic elements: water, earth, fire, wood, and metal. With these resources, you can build or create anything your imagination comes up with. You can mint these resources yourself or automatically. For example, with the help of VR tokens, you can buy a shovel that will allow you to extract the resources needed or fork out for a digger that will do everything for you. But if you don’t want to waste time on this, you can just buy the necessary resources on The Big Market VR.

  • Avatars

Victoria VR allows you to create your personal avatar (or avatars since you are not limited to just one character). All avatars are presented in the form of NFTs. Your avatar can look like anyone: be a hippie or a punk, blond/brunette/redhead or bald, Euroid/Asian or African American, in general — whoever your soul desires. In addition, you can add unique features to your avatar, for example, wings so that they can fly. You can get special features by completing quests or winning competitions.

  • Wearables

All wearables in Victoria VR are presented in the form of NFTs. Depending on the specific wearable, it gives the avatar some unique capabilities (acceleration, invisibility, etc.) or is very rare and valuable. You can dress up your avatars as you like — magician’s attire, historical outfits, or fashionable clothes of our time. You can get wearables in various ways — by completing quests, participating in competitions, or simply buying on The Big Market VR.

  • Items

Just like avatars or wearables, the items are NFTs, all of which ensure sole ownership and allow them to be resold. In-game items are various means of transportation (cars, planes, or even Aladdin magic carpet), weapons, and tools with which you can extract resources (shovels, diggers, etc.). In addition, if you’re lucky, you can get an item that gives your avatar superhuman skills.

  • VR Lands

The project team has also launched a collection of 168,000 VR Lands NFTs. The lands are divided into ten types. Depending on the level of tier and the type of land, the owners receive various bonuses. For example, some grounds have more resources needed for the game (more water, sand, etc.). Users can mine resources on their land and use them for buildings or sell them to other players. In addition, some lands have hidden surprises — mysterious boxes. The owner can use the land in any way. For example, brands can open their shops there, and artists can open exhibitions. In addition, you can become a local feudal lord and lease your land.

  • Quests

Quests play a crucial role in the Victoria VR metaverse. With the help of quests, users learn to interact with the virtual world, explore territories, and much more. But the most important thing is that in addition to an exciting pastime, users are rewarded with VR Tokens. Quests are divided into six types:

Prepared quests — help users explore new territories and opportunities.  

Educational quests — interactively teach users concepts such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, and many other related topics.

Algorithmic quests — are created by users themselves; for example, stores can create quests to introduce players to their brand.

Rare Quests — exciting Story Quests that have a time limit. Thanks to them, users receive secret Rare Items (NFTs) and VR tokens.

Epic quests — held once a month, users have only one day to complete them and receive Epic Items, Badges, and VR Tokens.

Legendary quests — the most difficult, at the same time, the most valuable quests, where only a few winners are possible. Reward — Legendary Items, Badges, and VR Tokens.

What Makes Victoria VR Special?

  • Realistic graphics

This is perhaps the most significant advantage of Victoria VR. Using the latest Unreal Engine, the developers created a detailed metaverse for full immersion in the virtual world.

  • Unlimited possibilities

Victoria VR can become a new stage of evolution in education, commerce, economics, entertainment, and so on. For example, educational institutions can transfer their studies to the virtual world. Stores can discover the benefits of virtual trading. Business people can arrange face-to-face conferences with their foreign partners. And thousands of other possibilities.

  • Play-to-earn

The project team made sure that the players would always want to come back again and again and introduced a lot of interactive earning opportunities: staking, mini-games, quests, resource extraction, and so on.

  • NFTs

NFT technology has gained wide popularity in recent years, but its capabilities are not even half disclosed. In the Victoria VR metaverse, users can create, modify, and combine NFTs. As a result, creative individuals can open exhibitions and sell digital art items. And all the NFTs obtained in the game can be traded on The Big Market VR.

  • Community-driven project

The world of Victoria VR is managed by a decentralized autonomous organization where each participant has the right to vote. Thus, the holders of VR tokens are the people who (by voting) decide the project’s fate.

Final Thoughts

Undying interest in the metaverse, limitless possibilities, realism, and monetization of gaming activities makes Victoria VR the most ambitious and promising project on the market. And the fact that Victoria VR is powered by Unreal Engine leaves no chance of failure. Finally, the craziest ideas and innermost desires can be easily embodied in the virtual world. Users can study, see friends, go shopping, explore the territory, get involved in exciting quests, and get rewarded. But Victoria VR still has one drawback — you may not want to return to the real world.