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What Makes Notum a DeFi Hub? Q & A with ODOS

By Notum

Jun 04, 20245 min read


About ODOS

Odos is the first DEX aggregator to offer users and traders the ability to swap multiple input and output tokens in a single transaction. In addition to swapping input tokens for the desired output, Odos also allows users to reduce gas costs, which makes its use more optimal.

An integral part of the Odos ecosystem is its proprietary Smart Order Routing (SOR), or patented path-finding algorithm. As finding the best exchange rate becomes increasingly difficult, thanks in large part to the emergence of new DEXs and liquidity sources, Odos is focused on solving this problem.

SOR finds the best routes for token exchange across hundreds of decentralized exchanges. Thus, with Odos, traders can save on converting one crypto asset to another.

Interesting fact! The protocol was originally incubated inside Semiotic Labs, which is dedicated to combining artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptography.

The most unique ODOS feature is that it uses all possible combinations of token exchanges, allowing it to provide better routes and lower gas costs. Odos is also currently the only DeFi order routing solution offering a multi-token input and output feature.

As a DEX aggregator, Odos has the following advantages:

  • Order routing solution. The platform allows Smart Order routes across multiple protocols, over 800 liquidity sources, and thousands of token pairs, thereby offering users maximum savings.
  • Security level. The platform's smart contracts allow users to securely perform swaps on-chain as they are audited by leading security companies.
  • Rates. Since Odos explores a huge number of decentralized exchanges and liquidity pools, it provides users with a combination of swaps at the best price.
  • Permissionless environment. Like other DEX aggregators, Odos is built on smart contracts, which help provide unlimited access to chain assets, as well as permissionless token swaps.

How to Use ODOS?

Odos is highly scalable that’s why it has a great number of possible token swap combinations, providing a significant edge over the competition. 

By brading connections between multiple intermediary tokens, Odos gets more optimal exchange rates over existing offers. Its intuitive route visualization showcases the complexity of non-linear pathfinding and an order execution simplicity.


Source: ODOS Docs
Source: ODOS Docs
  1. Go to;
  2. Click “Connect Wallet”;
  3. Review and Accept “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy”;
  4. Make your first swap.

Q & A Session

What makes ODOS the coolest provider for swapping? What sets ODOS apart?

ODOS stands out as the coolest provider for swapping due to several key factors:

  • Proprietary Algorithm: ODOS utilizes a unique algorithm that explores a broader range of token combinations, enabling sophisticated routing and order splitting. This ensures optimal trade outcomes by maximizing output.
  • Extensive Liquidity Aggregation: ODOS aggregates liquidity from over 800 sources, more than doubling the DeFi liquidity available through any other aggregator. This vast network spans 12 EVM chains, offering unparalleled access and efficiency.
  • High User Adoption and Volume: With over 2 million unique users and a monthly transaction volume exceeding $4 billion, ODOS demonstrates significant trust and adoption within the DeFi community.

These features collectively make ODOS a leader in the space, offering a superior swapping experience.

2. How many and what types of swap options do you offer? Are there any immediate expansion plans?

ODOS currently offers market orders and is unique in being the only Smart Order Routing solution that provides a multi-token input and output feature. This allows users to swap multiple tokens in a single atomic transaction, a feature highly utilized for treasury management, portfolio rebalancing, trading strategies, and other innovative use cases.

In the next two months, ODOS plans to expand its offerings by introducing two new order types, providing even more options for DeFi users and traders.

3. Can you detail the most advanced technical features of ODOS and explain how they enhance user experience?

ODOS offers several advanced technical features that significantly enhance the user experience:

The most advanced feature is ODOS's multi-token support. This allows users to conduct multi-asset atomic transactions, saving both time and gas fees. This feature has a wide range of applications, including:

  • Cleaning up a wallet: Simplifying the process of consolidating multiple assets.
  • Providing liquidity to a pool: Using any combination of assets to supply liquidity.
  • Reacting to market volatility: Moving assets to stablecoins during volatile market movements.
  • Mirroring a trader's portfolio: Easily replicating complex portfolios.
  • Optimizing treasury management: Enhancing DAO or project treasury liquidations.
  • Acquiring NFTs: Purchasing NFTs with any combination of assets.
  • Diversifying investments: Swapping into several yield-generating assets in a single transaction.

These and many more use cases streamline and enhance the user experience, making complex transactions more efficient and accessible.

4. What major trends do you see in the DeFi space, and how are you adapting to them?

With the increasing number of chain launches, the proliferation of on-chain assets, and the rise of new DEXs, we see Order Routing as the foundational layer of the DeFi ecosystem. Our strategy to keep pace with DeFi growth involves continuous routing optimization and the development of new product features that leverage our core order routing functionality.

Additionally, we emphasize user experience by creating products and features that make interacting with DeFi more seamless. This focus not only enhances the experience for existing DeFi users but also helps onboard traditional Web2 users into the DeFi space.

5. What security measures do you have in place? What steps are you taking to improve the security continuously?

All ODOS smart contracts are audited and verified by third-party auditors. In addition, we are in the process of going through a SOC 2 compliance audit.