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What’s New, Notum? | April Product Update

By Notum

May 06, 20245 min read


Product Side

We’re excited to share the latest enhancements and new features added to Notum this month. Our updates are designed to make your experience smoother and more efficient, ensuring you get the best out of your crypto activities. Here’s what’s new in April!

  • Expanded Blockchain Network Support

We’ve broadened our blockchain horizon! Notum now supports additional networks to provide you with more flexibility and access to a wider range of DeFi opportunities. Check out our new networks:

Source: Notum App
  • Blast
  • ZkSync
  • Scroll
  • Manta Pacific
  • Metis
  • Mantle
  • Mode
  • Zora
  • Degen Chain

This updated list of networks means your experience will be enhanced with faster transactions and more security features.

  • New Swap and Invest Providers

To provide you with the lowest rates possible, we’ve partnered with new swap and investment providers. Meet Odos and OpenOcean on the Notum platform. This aims to optimize your trading strategies and maximize your investment returns.

  • Points Tracker Feature

Managing and tracking your DeFi points just got a whole lot easier! Our new Points Tracker feature allows you to see all your points accumulated across various DeFi protocols in one convenient place.


Source: Notum App

This feature will save you time and enhance consistency in tracking your rewards and contributions across the DeFi space.

  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

As usual, we’ve rolled out several minor fixes and improvements across the platform to ensure a seamless user experience.

Marketing Side

We equally level up both parts of our platform, so that’s why there are so many social activities where we take part. Just have a look at this impressive list of the major ones:

  1. Collaboration with Morpho Labs. We teamed up with Morpho to integrate their vaults into our yield explorer and published an in-depth article highlighting Morpho Blue:
  2. Meet Mantle. To highlight our L2 expansion with Mantle integration we made an article shedding light on Mantle Network's vision for a DeFi paradise:

  3. XDEFI Is Onboard. Kudos to the XDEFI team for supporting our announcement, and amplifying the reach and accessibility of Notum: 

  4. Partnership with Sturdy. Connected with Sturdy and explored their unique v2 lending protocol with dual-layer architecture in an insightful article: 

  5. CIAN Is Here. Expanded our yield explorer by integrating pools from our frens—CIAN and cooking a new incentive program for you in May: 

  6. Gearbox Protocol Integration. In collaboration with Gearbox, we introduced their pools, highlighting the benefits of points leverage farming through an engaging article: 

  7. Scroll Support. Notum welcomed Scroll chain to our portfolio tracker, showcasing their zkRollup solution with a decentralized prover and sequencer: 

  8. Community Survey Quest. Launched a quest with a small survey for a USDT gift for participants to gather insights and feedback from our community: 

  9. Upcoming Campaigns. We’re preparing an exciting campaign with valuable rewards for our community. Stay tuned for our announcements in May! 🚀

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