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What’s New, Notum? | February Product Update

By Bella

Mar 01, 20243 min read


Product Side

  1. Improved DeFi Pools Pages: We’ve enhanced the UI/UX of our DeFi pools pages, making it easier to navigate and simplifying the displaying of risk assessment information.
  2. Certik Integration: Our risk assessment framework has been fortified through an integration with Certik. This collaboration leverages Certik’s asset risk rating assessment in our overall pool risk calculations, significantly improving the quality of our assessments.
  3. New Protocols: We’ve expanded our support to include AuraSommelier, and other protocols, adding 100+ new strategies to the platform. This expansion allows you to discover more suitable DeFi investment opportunities.

Marketing Side

  1. Teamed up with Mint Club: Now you can effortlessly track assets you created on Mint Club via our portfolio tracker. Check out our top-notch article about Mint Club 👉🏼 Mint Club: Bonding Curve Asset Portfolio by Notum
  2. Collaborated with Tangem Wallet: We delved into Liquid Restaking narrative, discussing EigenLayer and potential airdrops from LRTfi projects. Read more 👉🏼  here 
  3. Partnered with Swell: Together, we explored their Liquid Restaking token—rswETH, highlighting its differences from LST, its use in DeFi, and Swell's future restaking plans. Dive into the article 👉🏼 Open Up REstaking With Swell & Notum
  4. Integrated domains from D.ID and Unstoppable Domains: Access all features, including portfolio tracking, risk assessment, and profit calculation, with just a domain name. Easily find frens to view their portfolios and profits. 
  5. Alchemy Listing: Find us at 👉🏼 DeFi Yield Aggregators 

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Disclaimer: Notum does not provide any investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice. This article is written for informational purposes only. Cryptocurrency is subject to market risk. Please do your own research and trade with caution.