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What’s New, Notum? | May Product Update

By Notum

Jun 06, 20243 min read


Product Side

New Airdrops Tab

We’ve introduced the ‘Airdrops’ tab to help you discover and use the latest earning strategies more quickly. You can see all current airdrop opportunities directly from the platform. 

Each airdrop comes with multiple strategies you can execute right there. It saves time and makes it easier to maximize your potential earnings. 

More Protocols to Track Points 


Our Points Tracker feature just got even better! We’ve added support for more protocols, allowing you to monitor your rewards from a wider range of DeFi projects. The newly supported protocols include the following:

  • Ionic
  • Mendi
  • Linea
  • Scroll

This expansion ensures that you can keep track of all your points in one place, saving you time and making your tracking more advantageous.

Minor Fixes and Improvements

As always, we’ve implemented several minor fixes and improvements across the platform to ensure our users have a seamless user experience.

Marketing Side

Launched our DeFi Hub on Telegram. Discover the newest airdrops with detailed guides, and the latest incentives from top protocols, and get insider tips for farming. Join us:!

Teamed up with Cookie3 and ran a Galxe quest from the Great Cookie3 Bake Off campaign. The goal was to get people to try Notum and make a deposit into any CIAN protocol pool.

Released our 3 weekly DeFi digests on Mirror. Subscribe for a weekly roundup of on-chain highlights, DeFi analytics, and new narratives —

Partnered with Mode, integrated their network into our portfolio tracker, added new pools on Mode into our yield explorer, listed on their ecosystem page, and featured them in our blog.

Became frens with the Scroll ecosystem:  listed on their ecosystem page, added support for their zkrollup and their Scroll Marks points into our Points Tracker and published a detailed article about them.

Finished our deep dive on the Kinza protocol and shared an insightful article about them.

We've got lots of exciting content, new incentive programs, and partnerships lined up for you! Stay tuned for updates in June!

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