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What’s New, Notum? | Monthly Product Update

By Bella

Jan 30, 20243 min read


Product Updates

Search Bar Was Improved

We want to save you time, so the search bar is really simple to navigate. Now you can just type in the asset name and find relevant DeFi investments within a minute! This helps you to get the necessary information quickly and efficiently.


Navigation Is Much Simpler

Overall navigation on the platform became way smoother. We’ve changed the layout to prominently feature our DeFi investment offerings. This change is driven by our aim to focus more on these features, making your journey through our platform smoother and more intuitive.


We Support Linea & Gnosis Now

Meet Linea and Gnosis networks on our platform! We’ve added those protocols for you to have a wider choice of DeFi investments and opportunities for you to explore more protocols along with others displayed on the Notum app. Try new ways and tracks for your investments!


Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

As we are continually evolving, we are also keeping an eye on other improvements and bug fixes to enhance your general engagement with the platform. These small changes might significantly boost your user experience and, actually, make a big difference. 

Marketing & Partnerships Updates

BENQI x Notum

Collaborated and launched a cross-promo with BENQI, a popular liquid staking protocol and lending marketplace on the Avalanche.

Read the article here.

Index Coop x Notum

Formed a partnership and collaborated on an article about how to start understanding DeFi indices with Index Coop, a key DeFi index protocol.

Read the article here.

Tangem x Notum

Established a partnership and engaged in content cross-promotion with Tangem, a hardware Web3 wallet made as a bank card with NFC functionality.

Magic Store Verification

Gained a profile verification on Magic Store with a whopping 92% upvotes and 71k votes. Here it is.

Amplified TVF on DeBank

Surpassed $200M in Total Value of Followers on DeBank, thanks to our dedicated ambassadors. Check this out.

Galxe x Notum

Secured the SPACE ID integration grant and launched a joint Galxe campaign. Here we go.

Stay tuned! We’re currently planning new incentive programs, featuring exciting activities in collaboration with popular protocols.