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How to Buy Ethereum With a Card?


Navigate to Notum platform

Navigate to the Notum desktop platform and click on the ‘Buy’ option, which will open a purchase window.


Choose your crypto

Choose from a wide choice of cryptocurrencies that you’d like to buy.


Enter the amount

Type in the amount of cryptocurrency or fiat currency that you’d like to buy.


Send to any wallet

Enter the address where you’d like to receive your crypto. Still don’t have a wallet? Notum is the one you’re looking for.


Verify your email

Pass a quick KYC process and verify your identity by providing some basic information.

Average receive time is ~ 10-20 minutes

About Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a popular open-source decentralized blockchain system that also operates as a platform for various cryptocurrencies, DeFi, dApps, NFTs, and more. Ethereum was announced in January 2014 and released in July 2015. Ethereum describes itself as "a technology that's home to digital money, global payments, and applications."

ETH is a native coin of the Ethereum ecosystem and is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world. The maximum supply of ETH is unlimited, and the market capitalization is currently around $227.5 billion. Due to the popularity of Ethereum, ETH remains a sought-after asset with good demand, making it a great investment option.

ETH Use Cases

Now, ETH has a huge number of uses, such as:

  • Smart contracts. These electronic contracts are executed automatically, and the agreement between the seller and buyers is written in code. Smart contracts do not require a central authority as they are verified by anonymous parties. Ethereum provides decentralization and security of transactions in smart contracts.
  • DeFi. The DeFi feature has also become the reason for the popularity of Ethereum. Since Decentralized Finance uses the core principles of Ethereum to increase the security and transparency of the system.
  • dApps. Many decentralized applications are also being developed and run using the Ethereum system. They use smart contracts and the Ethereum blockchain platform to store data.
  • NFTs. Non-fungible tokens indicate ownership of unique possessions such as art, collectibles, and more. Official ownership of NFTs is also secured by the Ethereum blockchain.

What Can I Do With ETH on Notum Platform?

With Notum, investing becomes even easier and more affordable. You can choose among a huge number of cryptocurrencies, manage your assets without delays, and get the best rates. The platform offers you to buy, stake and swap ETH and thus get a fast stable income in 2023.

Where to Buy and Store Ethereum?

Why buy crypto via Notum

Buy Ethereum (ETH) With a Credit Card

Easily get Ethereum (ETH) with Visa or MasterCard in Notum. We offer one of the best rates for any ETH operation.

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  1. What Is Ethereum (ETH), and How Does it Work?

    Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain system and platform for various cryptocurrencies, DeFi, dApps, and NFTs. Ethereum establishes a peer-to-peer network that executes and validates the Smart Contracts needed to make transactions free from centralization. ETH is the native coin of the platform, which is not only necessary to maintain the Ethereum ecosystem, but also “can be bought and sold on multiple exchanges, used as a payment, and serves as a store of value”. - Notum.

  2. How Many ETH Tokens are There?

    At the moment, the circulation supply of ETH is 120,242,777. The token is the 2nd most popular in the world and its market capitalization is $227,190,364,368 as of June 1, 2023.

  3. Who Is the Ethereum Founder?

    An unusual fact about Ethereum is that it has eight co-founders in total, but the most famous of them is Vitalik Buterin, who wrote the original white paper unsubscribing Ethereum in 2013.

  4. How and Where Can I Stake ETH?

    With Notum, the process of staking ETH will be as simple as possible, as the platform offers clear instructions. All you need to do is enter the amount of ETH you want to stake, choose a validator, confirm the transaction and earn passive income of around 4% APY. You can learn more about the staking process on Notum here.

  5. What Is the All-Time High Price for ETH?

    The highest price of the ETH coin was recorded on November 16, 2021 and amounted to $4,891. For comparison, the price of the coin in June 2023 is $1,890.

  6. Where Can I Buy ETH?

    You can buy Ethereum on Notum with Visa or Mastercard at the best rates. The platform is completely secure and offers a user-friendly mobile app (for iOS and Android) so you can access your cryptocurrency at any time. Apart from this, you can also buy the coin on leading platforms like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, and so on.